Photo Gallery: Places in Massapequa to Get Pumped Up

This week Patch turns it's camera on the many gyms available to Massapequa residents.

You know, it actually might have been better to have showcased this particular photo gallery of the gyms of Massapequa at the start of Summer, when people are rushing to get into beach shape. 

Instead, we're running it in early August, a time when Summer is technically winding down and people are already in shape, or cursing their laziness and swearing that NEXT Summer will be the one where they show off that six-pack to the ladies.

Regardless, exercise shouldn't just be for the hot months where we're wearing less clothing. It's should be a part of a everyday healthy lifestyle, and access to a gym and it's wide variety of equipment often affords people the means to combine resistance training and cardio into one effective workout, along with the guidance of trained professionals who can show beginners the ropes.

Massapequa has several gyms to choose from, and today Patch is turning the camera lens upon them. Did we miss one? Please feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below!


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