What You'd Like to See in Wantagh and Seaford

We asked you what you wanted to see in 2014. Here are your responses.

Many Patch readers had comments about the Wantagh LIRR Station.
Many Patch readers had comments about the Wantagh LIRR Station.
On Thursday we asked Wantagh-Seaford Patch Facebook readers to answer a question we posed to start 2014. Our question was: "It's a new year, and a chance for improvements. What changes do you want to see in Wantagh and Seaford?"

Here are your replies: 

  • I would like to see the Wantagh Railroad Station renovated and streets paved the right way. Especially Park Avenue. All I see is patch work and it looks terrible.
  • Lower my taxes!
  • A traffic light on the corner of Stanford Court and Jerusalem avenue.
  • Lower my taxes is number one. I would also like to see paved side streets and better cleanups at the train station and the ramp to the Wantagh Parkway from Sunrise Highway.
  • I would love to see Merrick Road cleaned up. We need to start a beautify Seaford project. Make it look less like NYC. Planters and pretty light posts would be nice.
  • Get rid of the wood chip mulch in the playgrounds and replace it with pea gravel or some other material.
  • Definitely clean up the streets.  No reason to have the amount of trash on the streets.  Even use the inmates at Nassau County jail to clean up. Florida does it and I never see any trash on their roads and they pay less taxes, but get better service.
  •  Lower my taxes, re- pave the Wantagh parking lot where I fell & fractured my foot and make more parking space on Sunrise so I can park my car!
Christina January 11, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Clean up Merrick Rd from Wantagh to Seaford! Local businesses would benefit tremendously. As another resident posted, old fashioned street lamps and planters would do the trick. Also, the shopping center that holds Salpinos and CVS needs a major facelift.
Independent Observer January 11, 2014 at 08:21 AM
Having recently moved to the area, I'm amazed at how the strip malls on the major roads have no uniformity. It makes it look cheap. The businesses have their windows covered by advertisements, and some have these huge banner flags close to the street. It would be nice to see the area "classed up" a bit, because if you go off the main rd. and onto some side streets, you will see the real neighborhood, and it's pretty.
Tom January 11, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Independent observer "you stole my thunder!" I was starting to write and then stopped and read your comment. On Washington street in Seaford there is a strip mall between merrick road and sunrise that desperately needs some new stone and uniformity. When I moved here the real estate agent stated that they were looking to work on it. 9 years later it looks worse than ever. Mismatched signs, etc. love all the business owners there, but if I hit the lotto I would front the front the money myself. It would immediately improve the area and increase their business. Thanks for the opportunity to write!
Krystina See Torregrossa January 11, 2014 at 03:36 PM
Thanks everyone! That was actually my comment. I am sick and tired of Merrick road. Hempstead and elmont are cleaning up Hempstead turnpike. Why can't our town clean up our streets. And yes, I completely forgot about those mismatched signs. Let's make our town more desirable.


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