Wantagh Contestants Win $10,000 Prize on TLC's 'Craft Wars'

Pam Naughton Dempsey and Gina Scarda hosted a viewing party for their Tuesday appearance on crafting competition show at Corry's Ale House.

Wantagh moms Pam Naughton Dempsey and Gina Scarda's creativity and crafting skills earned them a $10,000 prize when they defeated two other teams on TLC's newest reality series, "Craft Wars".

As the episode debuted Tuesday evening, Dempsey and Scarda gathered at  in Wantagh with dozens of their closest friends and family there cheering them on. The new TLC series hosted by actress Tori Spelling airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. eastern time. 

After working together for years on elaborate decorations for prom and annual Homecoming Parade, Dempsey and Scarda have formed quite the team. Scarda got word of the new TLC series and knew the duo would make the perfect contestants.

"I saw a casting for the show and immediately knew that it was for Pam," said Scarda, whose ideas and skills have been largely influenced by Dempsey. "If anyone saw the things that Pam has made, they'd know she had this in her. I knew she did."

As the main contestant, Dempsey said she was certainly shocked when she was named the winner, especially given the competition, but above the prize money, she's gladly taken away a new confidence in her skills.

"When I first heard the credentials of the other people I was up against, I was nervous," explained Dempsey. "Here's Gina and I, just two genuine friends who are crafty and have fun with what we do, but I really learned to have a bit more faith in myself and my abilities, that we can put together something magical."

With Scarda's perception and Dempsey's natural knack, the pair hopes to bring their hobby to a more professional level and be able to share some of their techniques with others.

"We're thinking of starting a blog and making some 'how to' type videos,' "Dempsey said. "It really is a lot of fun. We take crafting from a solitary thing, where people are working on their own in their home, to something very community oriented. We want to show how we build bonds through crafting."

Jean Goldstein Quinn July 11, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Congratulations Pam and Gina!


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