Sanitary District 2 Should Be Consolidated

Why Sanitary District 2 Should be Consolidated

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, residents of Sanitary District 2 will have an opportunity to vote on whether to keep their Local Sanitation District or dissolve it.

The main question taxpayers should ask themselves is, why is it necessary for one town to have many sanitation districts?

The main argument coming from proponents of Sanitary District 2 (a Special Taxing District) is to maintain employment.

So the question really is, should residents pay higher taxes to keep more people employed, or should government move to reallocate resources more efficiently to provide lower costs to ALL taxpayers?

The fact of the matter is Special Taxing Districts have shown, time and time again, to be a haven for waste and abuse. The 2005 Audits performed by then Comptroller Howard Weitzman, proved this (see : http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/Comptroller/Docs/PDF/Sanitary_District_No_2_Audit_Report_9-21-05.pdf)

In 2009, despite the scathing audit reports, residents of Sanitary District 7 learned that they were paying $200,000/year for a sanitation supervisor. (see: http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/audit-oceanside-son-dad-earn-over-1m-from-taxpayers-1.1557497).

This article shows, "Taxpayers financed a million-dollar family."

The Town of Hempstead, whose Supervisor Kate Murray has recently come out AGAINST consolidation, APPROVES Special Taxing District budgets.

Despite this fact, Supervisor Murray has on many occasions claimed no control over these Special Taxing Districts.

Consolidation of Sanitary District 2 will do what Republicans and Conservatives have been saying for years needs to be done, and that is reduce the size of government.

Government has grown too big, and has become its own special interest.  Special Taxing Districts have proven that they are unable to provide cost effective services, and therefore should be consolidated.

I therefore feel residents of Sanitary District 2 should vote YES on Wednesday Dec. 12 to dissolve the district, sending the message to government officials that residents want a common sense approach to garbage collection, one Town, one Garbage District.

If you don't know your polling place call the District at 516-223-3207.

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Felix Procacci December 14, 2012 at 08:53 PM
There was nothing going on in my districts to write about. What actions did SD7 residents take when they learned about their 200k supervisor? NOTHING!!! And that was a big story. No change is going to happen in special districts without a major PR campaign. RESD and LIPC did that and still lost. I don't know why it really matters to you. If I wrote an article about SD6's 46% increase in 8 years, what can residents do about it?. What would I tell them to do in this article you want me to write? All they are going to do is suck it up, They are not going to take to the streets and get petitions signed. When I write articles I write to give people an action they can take. ie Vote NO on the school budget, Vote Yes on consolidation, Don't Vote for Kate Murray. These are things people can do if they agree with my position. Again, what would people do in the case of SD6? Vote against the one person on the ballot. They have no simple option.
Tom Nathan December 14, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Felix - what is the wow is me act. The complaint there si nothing going on in your districts. What are your districts just sitting there not spending money, not raising taxes. The same thing is going on in your district that is going in in every single district, but you just dont want to write about it. People havent voted against Kate Murray - are you going to stop writing about her now based on your logic? You ask what article should you write - the same ones you hve been writing but instead of criticizing SD2 or TOH - criticize the park district you live in. I know its easier when someone else does all the work and you can pull out their audit report and just jump on the bandwagon.
Felix Procacci December 14, 2012 at 10:04 PM
SD2 WAS HAVING AN ELECTION KATE MURRAY WAS UP FOR RE-ELECTION SD6 IS ??? If it makes you happy (but I don't think it will) I criticized Kate (to her face) for approving the SD6 budgets with such large increases. I critisized Kate (to her face) for approving SD7'S BUDGET. But I don't think anything is going to make you happy. I am not going to get petitions signed (THE HEAVY WORK YOU REFER TO). This requires a large organization (which I am not). If an organization does it I will support them. I'm sorry, this is the best answer I have. Let's leave it there. SD2 residents want to pay more taxes than they have to and I will criticize wasteful government even if it is in a district I do not live in (let's learn to accept each other the way we are).
Tom Nathan December 16, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Flelix - yes SD2 was having an election you couldn't vote in. When your special tacxing districts had election did you write an article? I really could care less if you criticized KAte to her face or i an article that really has nothing to do with the matter. Again we see your true colors if someone else does the hard wotrk....you will support it. How hard is it to write an article about how bad the Frannklin Square fire and park districts. IT must be so har because we have never seen it from you and I doubt we ever will
dan November 04, 2013 at 07:08 PM
tom you are a bore. Let it go already. All the man did was tell people about wasteful spending in their district and offer a solution . Why aren't you shocked by a 200k garbage supervisor salary. You keep using the word heavy lifting. Are you a garbage man? The point is Kate is wasteful and padding friends pockets . Bottom line people will vote for her because no one is willing to do real heavy lifting attend budgets and ask for simple transparency. You would rather argue a minor point then see the real problem. Get your head out if the garbage Tom


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