Facebook Considers Allowing Children to Use Site

The social media site might allow kids under age 13 to create an account.

Facebook is considering changing its current policy that bans children under age 13 from using the site, according to an exclusive Wall Street Journal article.

According to WSJ:

Mechanisms being tested include connecting children's accounts to their parents' and controls that would allow parents to decide whom their kids can "friend" and what applications they can use, people who have spoken with Facebook executives about the technology said. The under-13 features could enable Facebook and its partners to charge parents for games and other entertainment accessed by their children, the people said.

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Catherine Litvaitis June 05, 2012 at 08:35 PM
In all honesty (and this is coming from me--a seventeen year-old), it doesn't make sense for people under the age of 13 to be allowed to use the site. Of course, age restrictions still won't keep people from making Facebooks under different birthdays, but I don't think that Facebook should be open to children under thirteen. Before that age, children are still developing mentally and are (no offense to anyone) typically not mature enough to handle something like social networking. (Don't get me wrong, though; some people who actually do meet the age requirements--whether they're fourteen or forty--still don't act properly on Facebook.) I mean, if Facebook were to enforce such a policy, then they must must must allow parents to control their accounts. I don't like the idea of letting app developers charge a parent to allow their child to use an app, though.


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