Letter to Editor: Apologies for Those Inconvenienced by Race in Seaford

President of Greater Long Island Running Club apologizes to residents not alerted about five-mile race in and around Cedar Creek Park last Saturday.

To the editor: 
As many of you know, we staged a very successful five-mile race in and around  last Saturday. 

I understand that many local residents were inconvenienced by the event, and we apologize for that. 

We always do the best that we can to notify local residents when a race is coming to their area and, more than a week before this race, we mailed out 1,050 letters to every resident in the Seaford Harbor area affected by this event – the area bounded by Tuscala Street in the North, Cedar Street on the west, Riverside Drive on the east, and all the way down to the water on the east.

The letter included a map of the course, details of the time(s) when runners would be passing through specific streets, and a plea for anyone who had a specific problem to call us in advance to make sure that we could solve it for them. We also asked folks to come out to support the runners and cheer them on. 

We have heard from many, many residents that they did receive the letter and appreciated it. However, we do know that some residents whose vehicles were delayed in order to assure the safety of the runners for 10 or 15 minutes did complain that they never received a letter. This obviously distresses us, and we are very much concerned that there was no uniformity in delivery of our mail. Indeed, one local resident advised us that he received the letter Saturday afternoon, after the race, and more than a week after the letters were mailed. 

We understand your annoyance and your frustration – especially if you were one of those who did not receive our letter. Next year, if the event is repeated, we will supplement the mailing with signage all over the area. 

Again, I apologize to anyone who was unduly delayed. Please feel free to call me at 516-349-7646 with any constructive ideas and suggestions – not only for this race – but also for the other running events that emanate from Cedar Creek Park.  We always want to be good neighbors and minimize the impact on you the residents of Seaford at the same time as we promote fitness and raise moneys for charity. 

As an aside, special congratulations to Seaford resident John Theissen, who was the seventh finisher overall in the race and first in the 40-44 age group!


Mike Polansky 

President, Greater Long Island Running Club

Mike Polansky April 11, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Nick -- Good advice, and you can be sure that we will put the signage where you suggested. Thanks, Mike Polansky
Mike Polansky April 11, 2012 at 12:29 PM
TJ -- Sorry about any confusion. There is no way that 2 hours could have been right, and we will make things clearer in the future. Mike
Lifeisgood April 18, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Instead of running a race in a residential area on a sat. morning when parents need to bring there kids to sporting events, why not have it in one of the many parks or beaches we have. All of seaford harbor was effected, not just a couple of main roads. No one was able to get in or out. Hey Kate Murray why not have it in your neck of the woods.
Mike Polansky April 18, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Thanks for your thoughts, LifeisGood. We tried very hard to work with the local youth sports programs to avoid any conflict, and thought we had covered all bases there. If not, I apologize. Obviously we would have preferred to keep the race entirely within Cedar Creek Park. The Park is simply not big enough to accommodate a 5 mile race. The real problem, as we now recognize it, is the course design that left no way in or out for local residents. Our aim was to avoid going on to Merrick Road, but it seems that we would have been better off doing so and leaving Neptune Avenue open for vehicular traffic. We may not be perfect, but we do try to learn and to address the legitimate concerns of local residents..
Lifeisgood April 18, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Thank you Mike, I do hope some sort of compromise can be found. I am a huge sports fan and regularly attend the gym. All for health and fitness.


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