Letter to the Editor: Jones Beach is Becoming an Eyesore

Is the summer hotspot getting the proper attention it deserves?

To the editor:

The other night my husband and I went to . As we approached the Field 4 boardwalk, I could not believe my eyes. 

This eyesore that used to be the Boardwalk Restaurant is still greeting people as they approach the boardwalk. Come on now. This construction eyesore that Donald is still there and still nothing has been done.

Is it TOH, Trump what? He has made Jones Beach start looking like its going downhill. Is it? 

As I approached the boardwalk, I could not believe this monster of a construction site is still there and nothing has been done. Years ago, as you walked under the field 4 tunnel and shouting under the overpass was something you had to do as a child approaching the walkway to the boardwalk restaurant, seeing all the flowers and the waterfall.

Now, barely any flowers, no waterfall and the beach not kept up like it used to be. With the high price of the toll now, no excuse.  

Trump had this idea a few years back. Why is our community TOH just letting it stand there? Budget cuts, politics? He should be a little bit proactive. Maybe he should not of touched this project due to the lack of time he can spare. Jones Beach has changed, and I can see the grounds are not kept up like they used to be.

I saw a lot of neglect, especially with the Trump Wall. Friendlys? They have many stands through out the beach, one on field 4  and another by the pool. They are filthy. The pool, which was nice back then, is not kept up as you can see certain entrances closed.  

Jones beach is moving towards being on the list of what used to be nice. With all the taxes we pay there is no excuse as not letting Trump do what he wants.

Is it that or the TOH that is not giving in?


Helen Gavaris

East Meadow 

What do you think of her issues with Jones Beach. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below.

Chris Wendt July 24, 2012 at 04:19 PM
The writer's issues are valid. Shabby appearance, decrepit facilities, general decline. I think it appropriate to go back through our personal and institutional memories and recall the splendor, the grandeur that was Jones Beach from its inception up through...when? The sixties? The seventies? When did the decline begin in earnest? Well, I can recall wonderful times at the beach with my family at least into the mid-eighties. But even then, Jones Beach was nothing quite like the great place it was through the fifties and into the early sixties. In fairness to the succession of state administrations that presided over the decline of our magnificent beach, I would proffer this started, like the seeds of a slow-growing cancer, in the sixties and accelerated up to the present time. We can blame any number of a long list of state officials, but in reality, we need to look into the mirror and blame ourselves for never having held our elected state representatives responsible for the preservation and mainteance of this once priceless world-class asset. Then we need to get ourselves organized and point determined, accusing fingers at Albany to schedule and fund a turn around. Some trick, with so much of our money and Albany's money going to fund state pensions and school district salaries and benefits. What's left to restore Jones Beach? Nothing! Nothing. And that is exactly what we have at Jones Beach today.
rick donovan July 24, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Helan,You should get a load of the RESTROOMS!!!
MAC July 24, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Helen, I have not been to Jones Beach in a year so I really don't know what it looks like now and if it is being kept clean. What I can tell you is, Jones Beach is a State Park, so TOH has nothing to do with it. I also know the the restaurant project has been on hold for a long time and is an eyesore, but if you read the paper in the past week or so, you would have seen that Trump and the state have reached an agreement and the construction will begin soon.


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