The Gift of Health

Give the gift of health to yourself or someone you love this holiday.

We are now full force into our holiday season and coming to the end of another year (already!).

So we are now rushing around with our holiday shopping, trying to figure out what to get our loved ones for Christmas and Hanakkah. We are also starting to realize it’s almost 2012 — the beginning of a new year, time to think of our New Year’s Resolutions. We all know the number one resolution is losing weight and getting healthy. So why can’t we combine both our holiday wishes by giving the gift of health for the holidays?

This is something we all want for ourselves and loved ones, so why not try to think of a way to make a gift out of it — the gift that keeps on giving. If we all end up healthy and happy, those around us will be. This gift shouldn’t be taken as an insult, it is a gift from the heart — wanting to have our loved ones around for a very long time.

Some ideas:

  • A one-month gym membership
  • A package of personal training sessions
  • A membership to a weight loss program

If that’s too expensive, buy a beginner set of weights, rubberbands, mat, flex ball and buy some workout videos to start out with.

Kids can give the very affordable gift of themselves — letting mom and dad know they will help them get healthy. They can offer to coach or be buddies with them in their health journey.

Make it a family effort — buy the WiiFit and have quality fun time together. The kids can even try to make healthy suggestions for mealtimes. This way the kids learn a healthy lifestyle early in life while they feel a tremendous satisfaction in having helped their parents achieve their goals.

The parents also could give a card to their kids where they promise to get healthy for the kids especially when the kids are aware of the stresses and health issues of the parents.

When everyone works together for the same goals, chances of success are great. So let me hear from all of you out there on what you’re going to give your loved ones.

Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy this holiday season with your families, friends. Remember our New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner!


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