Cops: Officer Assaulted on Sunrise Highway

Bronx man allegedly resisted arrest along Massapequa-Seaford border outside Island Power Sports.

A man who tried to buy an ATV with bogus credit cards assaulted a police officer as he tried to resist arrest Tuesday along the Massapequa-Seaford border, Nassau County Police said.

Omar Sepulveda, 30, of the Bronx, was busted as he tried to exit Island Power Sports at 4116 Sunrise Highway at around 2:37 p.m. Tuesday. He allegedly attempted to purchase the vehicle using a fraudulent Bank of America Visa card and a fraudulent American Express Platinum card.

But a store worker determined the cards were fake and called 911, police said.

When cops arrived, Sepulveda tried to escape, but was stopped by a Seventh Precinct officer.

Sepulveda allegedly tried to get away from the officer by flailing his arms and kicking his legs. He was placed under arrest, but the cop suffered a sprained knee in the struggle. He was treated at a local hospital and released.

Sepulveda is charged with assault, attempted grand larceny, criminal possession of a forged instrument, identity theft, forgery and resisting arrest.

Dick Blair April 03, 2013 at 02:44 PM
Case Information Court:Nassau First District Court Case #:2013NA007269 Defendant:Sepulveda, Omar PL 170.25 00 D Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Posses Forgd Instrmnt-2nd PL 110-155.35 01 E Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Attempted Grand Larceny 3rd Degree PL 205.30 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Resisting Arrest PL 120.05 03 D Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Aslt-2-int Cause Ph Inj To Off PL 190.80 03 D Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Identity Theft 1-commit Felony PL 170.05 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description:Forgery-3rd
Lorraine DeVita April 03, 2013 at 06:42 PM
TASERS the Cops need TASERS give these criminals a huge jolt and bring them to their knees. and we can minimze officers getting hurt from these idiots resisting arrest. Just ZAP the hell out of them!
Christopher Carini April 03, 2013 at 10:51 PM
Agee but Ny will be the last areas to get tazers. The climate for police to defend themselfs is terrible. Most municipalities now feel its part of an officers job description to get assaulted
Lorraine DeVita April 04, 2013 at 01:56 AM
no one should deny them the aility to protect themselves in a way that causes the least amount of harm to anyone. TASERs are a smart safe choice for the officer ANd the criminal. Better zapped then shot dont you think? Do any of the officers have a take on this? Do you feel tasers would be an asset to you?
ed April 05, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Most Nassau village police have tazers...so do troopers


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