Crime Nearby: Boating While Intoxicated, Schools Damaged

The following arrest information was supplied by the Nassau County Police Department; it does not indicate a conviction.


  • On June 30, Richard Thoma was arrested and charged with DWI on Center Ln. 
  • On July 1, Julian Lauria was arrested and charged with burglary on Elm Dr. E.
  • On July 1, Kristen Conklin was arrested and charged with DWI on Wantagh Ave. and Hempstead Tpke. in Levittown.
  • On July 1, Kenneth Santiago was arrested and charged with criminal mischief on Drake Ln.
  • On July 1, Diane Drozdzewicz was arrested and charged with criminal mischief on Meridain Rd.
  • On July 2, Richard Dean was arrested and charged with petty larceny on Jerusalem Ave. 
  • On June 28, police reported a petty larceny at , and on June 29, police reported a burglary at 


  • John McKnight, 36, was charged with boating while intoxicated after allegedly slamming into the dock of a 75-year old woman at the end of Ocean Avenue on July 3 and then left the scene without identifying himself. To read more about incident, click . 


  • On June 20, an unknown suspect(s) keyed complainant’s 2000 Toyota pickup truck, which was located on Leonard Lane.
  • Sometime between June 24 and June 27, bikes were stolen from an unlocked garage on Carroll Avenue.
  • Sometime between June 26 and June 27, an unknown suspect(s) damaged property at Levy Lakeside School by spray painting it in red and green paint.
  • Sometime on June 30, items were removed from wallet left inside vehicle, which was parked on Meadowbrook Road.
  • Bikes were stolen from an unlocked shed on Montague Avenue on June 30.
  • On July 1, Jimmy Nava, 30, of Astoria, was arrested in Merrick Road near Babylon Turnpike, Merrick and charged with driving while intoxicated.


  • Complainant’s iPhone was stolen while he was playing basketball at Raymond Street near Cecilia Place on June 29.
  • On July 2, Brian Diorio, 21, of Huntington, was arrested at the Seventh Precinct in Seaford and charged with leaving the scene of an incident without a report.


  • On June 25, damage was done to property in Forest City Park.
  • On June 26, Ryan Cacchioli, 17, of Wantagh, was arrested in the Twin Lakes Preserve, Wantagh and charged with assault in the third degree and unlawful possession of marijuana.
  • Complainant heard banging on his front door on Disc Lane as if someone was trying to open it. A neighbor saw youths running from scene. The incident happened on June 26.
  • Unknown suspect(s) threw eggs at complainant’s house on Dell Lane causing damage to the siding on June 26.
  • Sometime between June 26 and June 27, an unknown suspect(s) stole the tires and rims off of complainant’s Honda Civic while it was parked at above location for repairs.
  • Complainant discovered damage to a soccer goal post at Mandalay Beach Road School. The damage was estimated to have been done between June 26 and June 17.
  • On June 28, a complainant discovered the driver side window of their 2001 red GMC broken and a pocketbook containing credit cards, debit cards and personal papers missing.


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