Farmingdale State Reacts to Theatening Message

Graffiti message is apparent reference to hip-hop group; precautions taken.

A threatening message found scrawled in a men's room has caused Farmingdale State College to enhance its security just days after the Connnecticut elementary school slaughter.

College officials are investigating the incident after discovering the message, college officials said. Newsday reported that the graffiti read: “Ima shoot up campus on Dec 18 2012. Be prepared —- gonna kill as many of you as possible! — —- Killer.”

The college sent an email out to the entire campus, saying the "threatening" message was under investigation.

"Nevertheless, in light of recent events, we are notifying you. Rest assured, we are taking precautions, including additional State University Police personnel," University Police Chief Marvin Fischer wrote in the email.

College officials have notified the Suffolk County Police about the incident, but said they've discovered no credible threat related to the graffiti.

"Our response has been to investigate, notify the campus and, in an effort to be pro-active and overly cautious, we have increased patrols by State University Police," Farmingdale college spokeswoman Kathy Coley told Patch.

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The scrawled message has been associated with a Los Angeles-based hip group known as "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All," and is similar to one found in April at a Newark, N.J, high school, Newsday reported.

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tj December 19, 2012 at 10:37 AM
sounds like how the average college person talks today?? Jeeze is this world trash....This is what happens when you cater to lazy low life people and minorities.....these person should not be in college...and the 60% of the population that tax payers take care of just need to be cut off.....never did a society cater to the losers of society,,they use to concentrate on the smart the successful....and now wee see what happens
Denise Botiglione December 19, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Im sorry tj but you can come from a wealthy family and still end up being a killer. You can be a scholar, and an athlete, and still be a killer. You can have the most intellectual and intelligent conversations with someone and not know if they are a killer. You can talk slang and have a 4.0 GPA. Colleges will not know when or if you will become a killer, they look at your grades and accomplishments. I do know that Farmingdale State College has also increased their admissions policies in the recent past, therefore applying students must have even higher grades in order to be accepted there.
Zach December 19, 2012 at 08:50 PM
TJ obviously displays his ignorance through his writing. Minority....lazy.....should not be in college. Just think if they were not in college they would be as ignorant (if you can imagine) as TJ. Look TJ, your eluding is rather obvious but you have forgotten one thing.......and you display that as well!
Zach December 19, 2012 at 08:55 PM
I understand that there was cause for concern last week as related to this issue but the administration did nothing but sit on its ass. If attention hadn't been given by the news media I guess the administration would still be sitting on its "dead ass"! Never mind the safety of the staff, students, college community.and Farmingdale community.


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