Incumbent Commissioners WIn in Wantagh and Seaford

Candidates ran unopposed in each district.

Seaford Firefighters Photo: Andrew Coen
Seaford Firefighters Photo: Andrew Coen
Incumbent Fire Commissioners were re-elected in both Wantagh and Seaford Tuesday night.

Both Craig Craft in Wantagh and Stephen Feil in Seaford ran unopposed.

Craft, 43, has been a member of the Wantagh Department since 1982.  He received 289 votes and will serve a five year term

In Seaford, Feil, a former Chief of Department won with 22 votes.
EJ48 January 22, 2014 at 01:18 PM
I am advised that the election in Wantagh cost $2,888.87 to hold at a cost of $9.96 per vote cast. The incumbent, running unopposed, received over 99.5% of the votes cast. Clearly, this could and should have been done in a far less costly manner. Nevertheless, the District should be congratulated as this election cost considerably less to hold than the Library budget vote, which cost $4,875 in 2012 ($18.53 per vote cast) and $4,975 in 2013 ($24.63 per vote cast). Wonder why your taxes are so high?


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