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Police Investigating Acts of Graffiti at Wantagh Schools

Vandalism from this past weekend discovered at three district buildings.

Nassau County Police are investigating graffiti that was discovered painted on three buildings in the Wantagh School District this past weekend.

The acts of vandalism occurred on what district officials described as "various existing structures" at , and .

"Upon learning of the incident, the district contacted the Nassau County Police Department, who launched an investigation at the respective schools," the Wantagh School District said in a statement. "The district was able to supply law enforcement officials with surveillance video obtained from the schools’ security cameras and continues to fully cooperate with authorities during their ongoing investigation." 

Police said with the help of the video surveillance cameras, several youths believed to have been responsible for the graffiti were placed into custody. Police from Nassau County's  said in their weekly report that four teens from Wantagh and Seaford were arrested on June 4 and charged with third-degree criminal mischief after they were discovered spray painting the murals and sky lights at Wantagh High School and Wantagh Middle School.


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luvmykids June 07, 2012 at 08:05 PM
for the most part we all do the BEST we can with our children..we are not perfect, neither are our children..not that this makes what these kids did right..getting back to the parents...what I am trying to say is if we don't know them, let's not judge.... only because we all know kids are very capable of sneaking around.....
Lorraine DeVita June 08, 2012 at 01:42 AM
luivmy kids, your right i dont know them and for all intent purposes this could be a first time scenario which should be dealt with swiftly ,severly and with consequences.. but what i DO know is this TYPE of incident is becoming more of a norm and will only going get worse as the close of school approaches. MS and HS kids roaming around well past 10pm . My question is for all parents of these kids what do you THINK your kids are doing out and about @11-12 pm or later? why arent you concerned or even aware your kid isnt home.? sneaking around is one thing and is usualy a one or two time instance and yes ALL kids will try to get away with it .and when there are no consequnces or the consequences arent followed thru with , they they will continue to do what they want with no fear of repercussion..leading to instances such as this.. . its fast becoming the NORM , kids arent home, parents arent AWARE or concerned and are OK with the whole "hanging out" thing then yes i blame the parents for NOT BEING parents. kids need boundries, and rules and sometimes its easy to abdicate responsibily simply because it IS EASIER.. KIDs arent EASY at ANY AGE..sometimes the older they are the more vigiliant the parents need to be..to protect them from their own inate teenage "stupidity."
luvmykids June 08, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Lorraine....hopefully the parents ARE dealing with it in a positive manner so that these kids will not be "repeat offenders"..I always like to think (as I have said before) that most parents ARE good and do the best they can and no matter how good their parenting skills are, things can still happen..I totally agree with the being out roaming the streets late at night..it only brings trouble..and with the way the world is today, God knows we have more than enough going on.......also..I know for a fact that it doesn't matter what time they are out until in some instances...I was coming out of Marshalls a few months ago and noticed a girl vomiting on the side of the building when I was getting into my car..when i asked what was wrong, I saw her run to the other side of the building..I drove around to make sure everything was ok..and what do you know??? a bunch of kids hanging out DRINKING..it wasn't even 9:00 p.m....and yes, I called the police...... : )
EJB June 08, 2012 at 01:00 PM
I don't think that the intent is to condemn all parents - BUT there is a problem when the parents are the ones that bring the kids, at night, to drop them off at the school properties. We have seen this on many occasions.
Lorraine DeVita June 08, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Luvmy kids I am speaking in general - and yes i agree time has no bearing on the idiocy of the teenage mind. My problem is the "excuses" made by both adults and the police "their only kids, their bored there is nothing for them to do no place for them go , what am i supposed to do and the ever popular " my kid would never...". .I may sound like some dragonian task master but if your involved in your kids lives, know who their friends are, set guidlines and follow through on consequences then the ODDs are there would be fewer incidents where the kids themselves will be paying dearly for their acts of stupidity. truth be told teenagers NEED parenting and oversight far more then we realize.. When their little we vigilantly protect them from others, we make sure they are safe and know where they are at all times, when their teenagers we need to be equaly as vigilant and involved to protect them from themselves. every kid at some point is going to make a dumb choice. thats a given, we need as parents to insure that those inevitable dumb choices are made within a limited scope.. If you dont know WHERE you kid is the possibility of them making " REALLY DUMB, possibly dangerous,possibly illegal stupid idiotic " choices is far greater then them making those typically "dumb ,kids will be kids teenage " choices in a controlled supervised enviroment. yes that is generalized..


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