Prayers for Chaminade Grad’s Dad Killed in Seaford

Catholic school asks for prayers after recent graduate's father is slain during armed robbery on New Year's Eve.

A small line of text appeared on the webpage New Year’s Day asking for prayers for the repose of the soul of John F. Capano, the off-duty ATF officer at in Seaford on New Year’s Eve.

Capano's son, John M., was a member of the Chaminade's and is currently enrolled in Northeastern University. According to reports, he spent part of Monday attending the wake of a grandmother of a friend.

The elder Capano, who is from Massapequa, was a 23-year veteran of the ATF and a trained explosives expert who taught U.S. military and local forces in Afghanistan and Iraq how to investigate blasts.

Capano was in the pharmacy to buy cancer medication for his father when the suspect, James McGoey, 43, of Hampton Bays, entered the store and announced a holdup.


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