Nassau Police Officer Killed in Massapequa Park

The victim is the second county cop killed in the line of duty in a little more than a month.

UPDATE: Officials have ID'd the slain Nassau police officer as Geoffrey J. Breitkopf, 40, a 12-year vet.

A Nassau County Police officer was shot and killed Saturday night in Massapequa Park, police said.

The victim, a plain-clothed special operations officer, was reportedly chasing a suspect near the Long Island Rail Road along Front Street when he was shot by another cop.

The officer was transported to Nassau University Medical Center, where he died of his wounds at 9:19 p.m., according to NUMC Public Affairs Director Shelley Lotenberg.

Two other officers were sent to the hospital with trauma-related injuries, according to a police spokesman. The suspect, meanwhile, was also shot and killed.

According to detectives, police first came on the scene when a suspicious person with weapons was walking near Front Street. The officers chased the subject eastbound on Front Street, where he fled on foot to a residence at 5 Fourth Street. The suspect then barricaded himself inside a room at that location. Officers entered the residence. At that point, the suspect, identified in one report as Anthony DiGeronimo, emerged from the room with a knife and attacked the officers. That's when the officers shot and killed the suspect.

The Nassau Police officer was also shot, accidentally, at that time.

As for DiGeronimo, according to his Facebook profile, he was an anarchist, and he listed his religious view as Theistic Satanist.

This marks the second death in the line of duty this year for Nassau police. Prior, no county cops had been killed in the line of duty since 1993.

Baghdad Bob March 14, 2011 at 10:56 PM
Matt, deciding to "put a bullet in a 21-year-old kid's head" is probably not a hard decision when that "kid" is charging at you with a knife. You sound like another poster here, trying to play games with statistics. I'm not sure how many civilians have been killed by NCPD since 1993. Since you feel it is relevant, perhaps you can tell us. But when (if) you do, perhaps you can also explain what those civilians were doing that got them killed by the police.
Baghdad Bob March 14, 2011 at 11:03 PM
Matt, he didn't deserve to be killed? Based on what? Your powers of clairvoyance? Newsflash: run around with knives threatening people, run from the police, and then lunge at them with a knife, and you deserve to be killed. If you think otherwise, perhaps you would be willing to share whatever drug you're on with the rest of us.
Baghdad Bob March 14, 2011 at 11:08 PM
Matt, I have a proposal for you. I suggest a few of us meet in person. We'll all stand around, and then I'll try to stab you with a knife. You can arm yourself with a gun if you like, but remember, you're not allowed to use it. Everyone else can have guns too, but according to you, they can't use them either. So you and everyone can just stand there, and I'll try to stab you. Sound fair?
Baghdad Bob March 14, 2011 at 11:19 PM
Ah, the truth emerges. You are a teenager who feels "harassed" by the Malverne police, so you feel the need to insult all police officers and stick up for a satanic degenerate in the process. Good job! With an outlook like that, you are guaranteed to go far in life. I don't put anyone on a "pedastool" (sic) but I do think that some people are pathetic wastes of oxygen. The degenerate with the knives is one such person. The truth of the matter, contrary to your assertions, is that all people are not equal. A person who worships Satan, wears bizarre clothing and threatens people with knives is not the equal of a police officer. Nor is he the equal of a doctor, plumber, bus driver, etc. So yes, I do hold the value of some people's lives as superior to others. If you claim that you do not, then you are either a liar or mentally defective.
Baghdad Bob March 14, 2011 at 11:24 PM
Anonymous, becoming a cop is a choice but charging at the police with knives is not? LOL. If you don't want to get shot, don't threaten the police with knives. Simple as that. You are a sick individual.


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