Dunne on Precinct Merger: "I Have to Do What's Best for My District"

The Nassau County Legislator said he supported the bill because he believed his constituents did.

Nassau County Legis. Dennis Dunne (R-Levittown) voted in favor of the County's precinct realignment plan. To him, the decision seemed clear.

"Why would I vote against something that looks like it's going to be fixing a lot of headaches?" he said.

The plan, which calls for four police precincts to be converted into community policing centers, was approved by the Nassau County Legislature in a 10-9 vote on Monday. In voting for the bill, Dunne said he said he was doing what his community wanted him to do.

Dunne called his decision to vote in favor of the Nassau County Police Department's precinct restructuring plan necessary in order to assist the community. He felt that the current precinct structure was dated and said that the proposed changes were needed. He was also happy that the plan prevented the county from raising taxes on his constituents.

"Realignment was necessary," he said. "The buildings were getting old and dilapidated. We were going to have to spend capital funds to straighten out some of the buildings because they were so old, in need of repair, in need of a tremendous amount of structural change. This is one way of doing that, in addition to realigning and being able to put a bit of cost-saving for the taxpayers, without hurting our public safety."

Along the way, Dunne said that he and his constituents had numerous concerns with the project. He brought some of those concerns forward in an interview from last month. He said he was happy with the way those concerns were addressed by County Executive Ed Mangano and Police Commissioner Thomas Dale.

"I had questions, questions that the public brought to my attention," he said. "I was appreciative that the County Executive and his staff and the Commissioner did pay attention to the problems that the people were foreseeing, and they addressed them. That was good enough for me."

One of the questions that Dunne had was about how many police officers would be stationed at the precinct. Originally, it was believed to be two, but Dunne later learned that NCPD Bureau of Special Operations officers would also be stationed in the precinct.

In terms of the vote itself, Dunne was unhappy that people were saying the precincts were going to "close." "For all of that literature saying 'don't close the Eighth Precinct,'" he said, "we didn't close the Eighth Precinct. There's going to be more activity at the Eighth Precinct now than in the past."

The Legislature voted along party lines, with 10 Republicans supporting the bill and nine Democrats opposing it. Dunne said he supported the bill because he believed his constituents wanted him to, based on what he heard from residents in his office and around the community. He respected that other legislators represented districts that did not support the bill.

"They're representing their people," he said. "I'm not going to knock a legislator for voting the way the people who put him in office ask him to vote. I'm doing what the people of my district ask, whether [they ask] at church [or] whether [they ask] at Domenico's."

Cecelia Sommers March 10, 2012 at 07:40 PM
remember according to an assemplymans sister she said they are all CONNECTED so don't relay on rice they all eat in the same places
Santa Claus March 10, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Yes, you are right. I wonder what the turn out was for John Loeffel, I know he kept his pension... There was nomore news if he got hid variances & permits and no news declaring if he was fined or not. It's only the people who are not part of there entourage, that get fined... Let me tell you, all these ordinances & BS laws need to be redefined. Who the hell are they to tell you that you need a permit for a shed??? This is Long Island, a suburb, NOT a Brooklyn Housing Project!!! This is the reason people moved to Long Island... To OWN THEIR PROPERTY!!! Not to be dictated to what they can do on their property & inside their home.
Santa Claus March 10, 2012 at 08:33 PM
The TOWN definitely overstepped their boundries!!! The building inspector should be what they were designed for, and that was to make sure the construction was safe for the homeowner, not to be NAZI's & ticket writters!!! Years ago when I had work done on my home, the inspector was GREAT, he was friendly & very helpful in knowing construction safety. He was there for the people. Today, there are to many power hungry wanna be cops, that couldn't be, issuing summons to homeowners that don't have a clue why...and those are the code enforcement/building inspectors of today. Do you see, they added code enforcement officers so they can make more jobs & raise our taxes. They also wanted to be like cops without police training. This is a sick thing that we let happen right under our noses. It has to change and the MAJORITY can make the ordinances & the rules. If 10,000-100,000 homeowners don't agree with the 20 town politicians, then we the people should change the ordinances & if they (TOH) don't like it we should fire them for not doing what the MAJORITY of the people want. We the people need to take a stance & put things back in perspective. I want to get this ball rolling... Remember folks, Unions were started to protect workers & they were started because you had massive amounts of people sticking together for what was right... It can be done here also!!! Keep an open mind...We heard enough BS for the past 30 years... ENOUGH!!!!
Cecelia Sommers March 10, 2012 at 08:42 PM
go to the Levittown property owners association at the library the second tuesday of the month 7:30 pm to have a voice about your concerns and to get answers also visit hope for hempstead animal shelter .org and watch the videos with kate and santino and their attitude toward us regular people in the town of hempstead who should un seat them immeditaly
Santa Claus March 11, 2012 at 04:22 PM
I would love to voice my concerns, but who is there (at the library) to do something about it? Anyway, I was just reading an article (old news) about John Loeffel & Mickey Foss and it said aside from Mickey's town job, he runs a construction business from his home... That's quite funny because my friend lives in levittown & got a summons saying it was illegal to run a business from his home and in court the judge told him that it was a misdemeanor ... But it's ok for town employee's to run businesses from their homes? My friend infact wasn't running a business from his home but parking the business vehicle at his home. What BULLSH*T!!! I wish this blog got to a million people.


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