Mangano Calls on Ducks Owner to Bring a Team to Nassau

Ducks owner Frank Boulton would like to bring a second Atlantic League team to Long Island.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano announced Monday that his Ballpark Request-for-Proposal (RFP) Committee has selected Long Island Ducks owner Frank Boulton to bring a second Atlantic League team to the Island – this time, in Nassau County.

Two proposals were received by the RFP Committee in regards to bringing a new team to Nassau: one from Boulton and the other from Blumenfeld Development Group/Sterling Equities.

Sterling Equities was co-founded by Fred Wilpon, majority owner of the New York Mets.

Mangano said the RFP Committee's decision to go with Boulton was based on several reasons, the main one being that Boulton has a team in place that has already been approved by the Atlantic League.

"The demographics support it," Boulton said in regards to having two minor league ballparks on Long Island. "I've been doing this for 25 years. I've developed eight other ballparks and I've owned 10 minor league teams, so I have a pretty good track record and I have a pretty good understanding of Long Island."

According to Mangano, Nassau County residents would get a share in the revenue derived from events held at the facility.

While the exact numbers were not available, Boulton's current arrangement with the Long Island Ducks gives Suffolk County a $1 surcharge on every ticket sold. Suffolk residents also get a percentage of advertising and marketing in the ballpark, as well as their share of the sales tax.

The prices for Ducks tickets currently range from $9 to $12.

Boulton said he expects a similar overall plan with Nassau County.

Residents will have the opportunity to decide the fate of the new "first class sports-entertainment complex," which would house both the new baseball team and the New York Islanders, at a public referendum vote on Aug. 1.

"We're offering this product," Boulton said. "If the people here in Nassau County want the product, they're going to go and pull the lever that says 'yes.'"

"It is about adding a venue where the people can spend their dollars in their home county," Mangano added. "It is a venue where they can take their kids close to home, whether it be to enjoy an affordable baseball game or attend a concert."

Should the vote fail, Mangano said that the ballpark would be looked at as a potential self-supporting, individual location.

"We do have to weigh that if the Aug. 1 [vote] is not successful," he said.

The tentative location for the ballpark would be at Mitchell Field along Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, directly across the street from the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Eugene Clark July 18, 2011 at 02:23 PM
Any jobs that would be realized in this deal would be given out by JOE MONDELLO !!!! Wake up !!!
Eugene Clark July 18, 2011 at 02:29 PM
Marlin is BRILLIANT !!!! He is a no-nonsense arbitor, and an insightfull public advocate..
Mac July 18, 2011 at 09:37 PM
I am not telling anyone how to vote but the colisuem will close shortly after the Islanders leave. They will no longer maitain the ice because it is very expensive. No team from anywhere will come to this building at any level. FYI: Howard Stern asked Billy Joel why he didnt play on LI and he said the Beach was too small and the Coliseum dod such a poor joblasttime he was there he couldnt play there again. When it closes the revenue will be made up by all the tax payers. Also comparing the coliseum attendance to the Yankees? The Yankess have over 3 million in attendance every year. So yes the new stadium paid off. If you have a winner they come. Thsi isnt about the Islanders though it is about building up the area. Look at Newark the prudential center is hosting some unreal events including college basketball which will not come here. They have rebuilt downtown Newark and they are turning heads and making a profit. Mangano has violated public trust let's put him on the list starting with as high as we can go with Obama and work our way down. That is what a politician does. As long as the county is run by people who cater to special interests this is how it will be. This is an age old practice going back to beyond Gullota. Go vote yes or no we will pay for it in the long run. At least with a yes I know what the price will be. With that said I hope the hammer out the language in that lease.
Jerry Romano July 19, 2011 at 01:19 AM
Hey Mac. I'll buy your home and we'll negotiate the price afterwards. This is what Mangano has proposed for the taxpayers of Nassau County. The fact is the Islanders play only about 44 games at home and sell about half the seats each night. 440k seats x $50 = $22,000,000 x 11.5% to the county $2,530,000. Parking revenue doesnt move the meter. A couple of cops overtime payouts are more than the parking. Make it $100 per seat and sell out the venue each night and the Islanders lease deal is good for them but the taxpayer will be left footing the bill. the Islanders respresent about 25% of the activity maybe less. There are many entertainment events that book the Coliseum because it is the right size venue. Billy Joel is one act that goes out every few years. So what. Maybe more entertainment events can be booked without the Islanders in the Coliseum? People will still spend there entertainment dollars on Long Island going out to dinner, movies and other events.
Mac July 19, 2011 at 01:32 AM
Jerry the Islanders pay for more than just the 44 dates. they pay each time they practice or the opposing team practices at the facility. That is also a fact. Where are all the workers going to go for those 44 games? they will also be without jobs. Parking revenue should move the meter considering its 7.75 per car and concessions should also help. But inreality that isnt the point. the Coliseum has been drawing less and less concerts over the years losing out to newer arenas. When the coliseum closes there will be nothing there and it will close unless it is repaired. Who will pay for the repair/refurbish we will. It is an old out of date decaying building. It will need to be replaced in order to draw anything. The Rock is the perfect comparison. They built an arena and updated downtown Newark and they are drawing to events and a great part of the revitilization of Newark. We need something here and if the team goes leaving the coliseum with no primary tenant it will close its doors.Maybe not right away but it will close. Either way we are footing the bill. I do believe the vote will pass though. LI is a hockey youth hotbed. The Islanders have ties to a minimum of 7 youth organizations here in Nassau county and another 7 outside NC but those outside draw their players from here. As I said we will pay either way wether you or I support it or not. You do what you think is right I donot post to tell anyone what to do. But if they close the doors it will cost more than you think.


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