Nassau Police to Restructure Precincts

All 177 patrol cars will remain in current neighborhoods; 100 desk jobs eliminated.

In an effort to cut back on spending, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Police Commissioner Thomas Dale announced Monday that four of the county's eight police precincts will be restructured.

Four precincts will remain intact while the remaining four will be transformed into new Community Policing Centers, Mangano said.

According to a release from the county, the in Seaford, Second Precinct in Woodbury, Third Precinct in Williston Park and Fourth Precinct in Hewlett will continue to operate as regular precincts, while the First Precinct in Baldwin, Fifth Precinct in Elmont, Sixth Precinct in Manhasset and Eighth Precinct in Levittown will become community policing centers.

The plan also eliminates more than 100 desk jobs and slashes "costly" built-in overtime benefits, Mangano said. A total of 48 police officers will be reassigned from desk jobs to Problem Oriented Police (POP) positions.

While the number of precincts and desk jobs will shrink, Mangano said the number of patrol cars will remain the same.

"Keeping residents safe is my number one priority," Mangano said. "This plan keeps all 177 patrols cars in their current neighborhoods, assigns more cops to POP and opens four new Community Policing Centers throughout the county while increasing efficiencies."

According to Nassau County Communications Director Brian Nevin, the timeline to complete the entire process will take approximately six months.

The majority of the Wantagh-Seaford area is covered by the Seventh Precinct but some portions are also covered by the First and Eighth Precincts.

(WSHA) president Ella Stevens expressed relief that the Seventh Precinct would remain open under Mangano’s plan.

“There is way too much activity in the Seventh Precinct for it to not remain open,” Stevens said.

The WSHA is holding a Wednesday night that will feature representatives from the Seventh Precinct addressing recent criminal activities in the area and Stevens is hoping they also can provide information on how Mangano’s plan will impact local residents who reside in the First and Eighth precincts.

“With the recent increase of crime in communities surrounding Wantagh and Seaford of course I am concerned that we have the necessary police force to protect our residents,” she said.

Mangano’s plan also corrects a workload imbalance that had been seen throughout the eight precincts, as three police precincts presently perform twice the workload of the remaining five precincts.

"This plan saves taxpayers significant dollars while streamlining duplicative work, redistributing workload and assigning more officers to POP and special patrol," Dale said. "... Residents should know that response time will not be impacted as police officers will remain in their current neighborhoods and additional officers will be assigned to our neighborhoods."

James Carver, president of the Nassau PBA, told 1010 WINS' Mona Rivera that he is going to fight the plan.

"We currently have eight police precincts and they're trying to tell everybody that having four police precincts is a better way to police Nassau County, well they're dead wrong on this," Carver said.

Andrew Coen contributed to this report.

John Q February 11, 2012 at 11:33 AM
What cuts? look at the stores in the neibhorhood they are empty why because taxs are too high allready. To protect and serve, well protect us and serve us means in many ways. Help your neibors out. No one has mentioned the Fringe package you get. Please either give back a portion of your salary or pay into some of your fringe benifits like the rest of us are doing. You do a great job thank you but we need finacial help.
ROBERT February 11, 2012 at 03:11 PM
John Q if you were able to look at the police contract that was opened when Tom Suozzi was in office you would see the give backs the officers gave. They didn't have to open their contract because it was not expired but did to help out the County. Ed Mangano was a Legislator at this time and he approved it. It was a fair negotiated contract that helped save the county money. The workers are once again asked to help out the County. The unions are willing to again sit down with Ed Mangano and try to help out. But Ed Mangano is being unreasonable with his demands. It's no negotiation his way or nothing. The contracts don't expire til 2015. I think Ed Mangano would be smart to sit down with the unions who are offering to help save the county money once again. Talk to the Officers with under 8 years in the department who have given back thousands of dollars in not reaching their pay steps. Thats half of the force . NIFA has frozen their pay and all officers pay with no end in sight . In regards to the vacant stores that you think is the responsibility of the Nassau County Work Force, did you ever think the towns are letting too many developers put up strip stores in every open lot in this county. How many stores do we need. Over development of stores will give you the vacancies . It's time to stop blaming the workers. They are willing to help.
ROBERT February 11, 2012 at 03:26 PM
The post was about restructuring of the Pct's which meant closing 4 of the 8 Pct's . When people can't talk about the subject at hand because they have no knowledge on pct function , they go off topic and attack the workers . Still not having any information on contracts. Some people will always be anti police . All police officers know this , guess it's created from the job they do. When you have to enforce laws giving out tickets and making arrest you won't have a big fan base. I support the Police and think they deserve the salary they get for the job they do. How people have a job that requires them to wear a bullet proof vest at work. You'll never be rich as a Police Officer but you will make a fair salary .
Elem February 12, 2012 at 12:15 AM
JOhn Q, last time I checked, Police Officers were not exempt from paying tax so they do contribute to their salary. Everyone pays taxes (exept of course the illegals, who also utilize Police service your (our) taxes pay for). Why not complain about your school taxes while you are at it...
Rob August 08, 2012 at 10:50 AM
Robert.- Cops are not in fact enforcing most "laws"... the vast majority, including all of your traffic "laws" are nothing more than corporate policies operating under color of law. You're told they're laws, but they're not. Since most Americans have absolutely NO clue how the country was founded, that it was founded on common laws based on the Magna Carta, not corporate polices and that the founding fathers tried to make sure that such corporatization never occurred, this all likely sounds like alien talk to the average person. Cops almost never need a vest on LI where the vast majority of cops are actually killed in traffic accidents, not from being shot. They're some of the highest paid cops in the country for dealing with mostly petty crime. That is why NYC cops dream of getting to work on LI. NYC cops start at like 32k a year for all they deal with and after 5 years might make it to 50K. LI cops are close to six figures in the same time frame and make 107k after 9 years.. LI cops make nearly as much or more than Beverly Hills cops for doing relatively little to nothing, except handing out tons of tickets to pay for their own salaries, tickets that are essentially an illegal driving tax, etc.


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