New Synthetic Turf Fields to be Unveiled in Seaford Saturday

Festivities planned to celebrate opening of two athletic facilities at Cedar Creek Park.

Two at  in Seaford will be officially unveiled at a ceremony Saturday.

The festivities dedicating the new fields will begin at noon and feature an opening ceremony followed by a barbecue, entertainment and giveaways. Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is scheduled to be on hand for the celebration. Special guests to help open the fields will include members of the soccer and lacrosse programs.

"This will give the community of Wantagh and Seaford that has approximately 2,000 soccer and lacrosse players the opportunity to play on first class fields," said Tim Nolan, a board member for the Wantagh/Seaford PAL. "We would like to thank Carnell Foskey and Kat Muessig of the Nassau County Parks Department for working with us and helping us secure the fields for our young athletes." 

Funding for the Cedar Creek turf field project came from the 2006 Environmental Bond Act approved by voters. It was supplemented with a capital project by Nassau County for synthetic turf fields. 

Synthetic turf fields, which are also at and , feature artificial grass with a soft surface that requires less maintenance and can be utilized in inclement weather thanks to a drainage system. A synthetic turf project is also planned for  and is now in the design stages. 

Lorraine DeVita June 15, 2012 at 06:51 PM
chris, Int he case of LEAGUES or organizations that have multiple games as in any there are permits which need to be applied for and the organization/league applying has to fit their schedule around what is available and when.. Most organizations usually have first dibs ie LL , Broncos; PAL .. there is a fee.. I THINK they apply at the park itself though i am not sure , most organizations know the drill...whether it be a county, town or state park.
Chris June 16, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Close Police stations, spend millions on turf fields! This truly is the bizarro world!
Chris June 16, 2012 at 09:46 AM
A County that announced a few weeks ago,that it might not be able to make payroll can spend millions on pet projects. Through the use of smoke a mirrors can shuffle money around and make people believe that we can afford this. The carnival shell game is how this County operates. I can not help to wonder who is getting campaign contributions from a third party connected to a turf company. The sheeple will believe anything.
Chris Wendt June 16, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Thanks for responding, but I am actually seeking specific answers concerning these specific fields. Previously, Massapequa organizations had dibs on County fields in Seaford and Wantagh. Also, the potential "demand" to use artificial turf fields is higher than for grass fields, or for the concrete-like dirt behind the Seaford Avenue School, and since these new fields can be used far more extensively, there is a marketing opportunity for the County to maximize the revenue potential from their potentially extensive use. Yet, there is still that problem of local teams being excluded because of policy and administrative "issues" in the control of those fields. Finally, in some school districts, vandalism of artificial turf fields has proven to be particularly expensive, and some thought should be given for securing these new fields.
DiverDown June 18, 2012 at 03:05 PM
"Funding for the Cedar Creek turf field project came from the 2006 Environmental Bond Act" No blaming Managno for this one, or relating it to the county's payroll problems and precinct closings due to our current financial status. This project was funded 6 years ago - in ballot referendums that were approved by the voters of Nassau County by a 3:1 margin. Under the watch of Mr Suozzi, there were 44 park improvement projects defined for funding under the 2006 Environmental Bond Act, of which this was one.


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