TOH Issues Information For Residents Looking to Restore Power in Flooded Areas

Steps outlined by Town of Hempstead on how people south of Merrick Road can get their power back in wake of Superstorm Sandy.

The following was issued by the Town of Hempstead as need-to-know information for residents looking to restore power in areas flooded by Superstorm Sandy 

Many Nassau residents have questions concerning power restoration in areas that have experienced flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Neighbors want to know whether the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), the county, towns or villages are responsible for executing a power restoration plan to homes and other buildings in those “flood zones.”

What’s Happening/Who’s Affected?

As a necessary safety measure to protect homes from extremely serious dangers associated with electrical wiring which has become wet, LIPA has designated geographic areas where flooding was widespread during Hurricane Sandy. Homes and other structures within those areas are required to have electrical systems inspected before LIPA can safely restore power.

The properties affected by the inspection requirement are all structures south of Merrick Road and east of the Meadowbrook Parkway, as well as, all properties that are south of Atlantic Avenue and west of the Meadowbrook Parkway.

How Will My Electrical System Be Checked,
Who Will Do the Work?

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano took the pro-active step of partnering with Empire Electrical Inspectors of New York, a private contractor, to assist LIPA in restoring power to homes throughout the County. The contractor will inspect the electrical systems of all structures in areas where flooding was widespread.

What If My Electrical System Is Okay?

If a building’s electrical system has not become wet, the private contractor will notify LIPA that electrical power can safely be restored.

What If My Electrical System Is Not Okay?

If an electrical system is determined to have become wet and the system cannot be re-energized safely, the homeowner will need to hire a licensed electrician to make necessary repairs. The electrician will them arrange for a private certified electrical inspector to perform an inspection and issue a certificate of inspection. The property owner would then supply a copy of the certificate to LIPA to have power restored.

The Good News—Inspections Are Free

The good news regarding the electrical inspections is that there is no cost to homeowners. Homeowners must only sign a company liability waiver to take advantage of the no-cost inspections.

When Will Inspections Occur?

Hundreds of people working under Empire Electrical Inspectors are going door-to-door now in communities in the areas described above and in other towns. Updated information on the time frame for the contractor to complete work in the town and the entire county will be forthcoming.

Do I Need Any Government Inspections?

Inspections of electrical systems are being performed by the private contractor. In the event repairs are required, no town inspections are required for direct replacement of electrical components. All repairs must be made by a licensed electrician. Homeowners will need to have a private certified electrical inspector examine repair work and provide an electrical inspection certificate before LIPA will restore power. A list of licensed electricians can be found on the town’s website.


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