Town of Hempstead Celebrates Rain Barrel, Composting Initiative

Nearly 2,000 residents have pre-registered for the program that will help them conserve resources.

Environmentalists from throughout Nassau County gathered at Merrick’s  this past Thursday to celebrate the Town of Hempstead’s composting and rain barrel initiative.

“I salute our home-grown eco-heroes for taking a leadership role in keeping our planet green,” Town Supervisor Kate Murray said. “Together we're helping the planet, educating young people and demonstrating that anyone can be an eco-hero.”

Already, 1,839 residents have pre-registered to receive a composting unit or rain barrel from the Town of Hempstead for $45 apiece, which is about half of the retail price.

The rain barrels help to conserve tap water, saves money by using water from rain instead of tap water and helps reduce harmful storm water runoff into bays and waterways. Residents can save up to 40 percent in water usage with a rain barrel system. The 50-gallon unit is designed to integrate into homeowner gutters and leaders, which collects rainwater from roofs.

Compositing allows residents to take “greens,” such as lawn clippings, and mix them with “browns,” such as dry leaves and combine them in a composter, which helps break the materials down into soil additives. Composters reduce the amount of yard waste entering the waste stream, allowing home owners to make their own soil additive and reduce the pollution that is generated to make, ship and package commercially available soil additives.

Residents who pre-ordered rain barrels or composters were on hand at the Aug. 9 event to pick up their new units.

“I think it’s great that it’s going to give us an opportunity in the Town of Hempstead to be able to be more ecological and to save the world … one backyard at a time,” said Levittown Resident Thomas Behrens.

Rita Connell, a Merrick resident, only purchased the rain barrel, and she said the decision to buy was easy.

“Everything is always filled with water,” Connell said. “All the toys and the lawn furniture … so why not put the water back to some use?”

Do you plan to purchase a composting unit or rain barrel from the Town of Hempstead? Tell us in the comments.

Chris August 22, 2012 at 01:56 PM
I wish this Kate Murray would stop all this nonsense with rain water and compost! The streets in my neighborhood are cracked and pot holed. When I call the Town, I get the standard "we have no money in the budget for that.". What the hell is going on with my tax dollars ?! This town has become ugly and dirty over the years. Drive down Hempstead turnpike, sunrise highway,merrick road. The weeds are knee high. There is garbage everywhere. Plastic bags in the trees etc... And here is Kate, putting up solar panels and a windmill in Lido. Take a walk through the Town of Hempstead town hall one day. There are hundreds of people sitting in offices doing nothing! Kate is the master of illusion. Waste of taxpayer money on programs that we can do without. If Town government were to disappear next week, we would have more money in our pockets and what little services the town provides could be turned over to the County. What good is a windmill doing for us?!
Chris August 23, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Het Kate.....thanks for the new recycle bin.....now I have three! Who the heck Is paying for all this nonsense?
unknownauthor September 28, 2012 at 07:50 PM
We are Paying for all this... we keep voting them in!
Yves M. Coupet June 11, 2013 at 11:29 AM
I believe it is a great initiative. I have been planning to purchase a rain barrel and a compost bin for a long time , but with this initiative, I will stop dragging my feet and order these items from the Town. Thanks Kate Murray. Great job.


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