Trump on the Ocean Opponent Planning to Fight Possible Deal in Court

Patricia Friedman preparing to fight potential deal between Donald Trump and state for Jones Beach catering hall project.

One of the most vocal opponents to Donald Trump’s planned restaurant catering facility at  in Wantagh is already gearing up for a legal battle if the famed real estate mogul and the state end up striking a deal for the long-stalled development.

Trump and the administration of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that could lead to the developer being allowed to construct his catering hall at the site of the former Boardwalk Café at Jones Beach, Newsday reported last week. Longtime Nassau County civic activist Patricia Friedman, who has been one of the staunchest critics to the Trump on the Ocean project, said the state should not be negotiating a deal with Trump, who she feels should have never been given rights to the seafront property to begin with. Trump’s $30 million Jones Beach project has been held up in litigation the last four years due to the State Review Board objecting to plans for a basement in a flood zone.

“I am reaching out for an attorney to be prepared for a possible injunction," said Friedman, a Garden City Park resident who ran unsucessfully for State Assembly in the 21st district two years ago. “We have to stop Donald Trump from taking over our historical park.”


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Friedman has expressed support for resurrecting the Boardwalk Café, which sat on the site where Trump wants to build a 70,000 square-foot restaurant catering facility before it was demolished in 2004. Friedman said a major part of her possible court case against Trump will argue that the state did not conduct a fair bidding process for the open Jones Beach property.

Last year in an attempt to jumpstart the catering hall project, which was first conceived in late 2006, the  Alliance to Revitalize Jones Beach organized a  at Jones Beach State Park attended by Trump. Last fall, the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce  for the Trump on the Ocean proposal.  

Officials for the Trump Organization did not return calls seeking comment. 

Do you support the Trump on the Ocean project at Jones Beach? Tell us in the comments below. 

Chris Wendt June 12, 2012 at 10:36 AM
It matters not what you or I think about this. As noted above, the parties are Trump and the Executive Branch of our state government, namely, Governor Cuomo. Having grown up at Jones Beach, certainly my heart sympathizes with Patricia Friedman. However, my head tells me that, in this matter, the public be damned, so to speak. Friedman can no more stop the project from happening than the building trades union could have forced it to happen. Making it happen, or stopping it from happening, that is the realm of those mystical "Powers That Be": The Governor and The Donald.
rick donovan June 12, 2012 at 11:39 AM
We need a nice affordable eatery for us regular L.I. joes!!!!
Bob June 12, 2012 at 11:48 AM
We need something. 7 plus years of nothing is shameful. Get something, anything done and make us all proud. When I bring company to the beach now I feel like I am making lame excuses for what feels more like political football. Get 'r Done!
Robert Demarco June 12, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Agreed. Eventually, if Trump's project is built, we, the "little guys" will be banned from Jones Beach when the catering facility has "special events". If we are going to have a non-tax paying facility in a public park, let's have something that all residents can afford and enjoy, not something for the elite.
Rosalie Aprile June 12, 2012 at 12:53 PM
The old Boardwalk restaurant was also expensive and it had a basement. So those two arguments are not valid.
EJ48 June 12, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Rick-Robert There are thousands of affordable restaurants on Long Island for so-called “little guys” to dine at. In fact, many of them are zombie restaurants which exist only to cover their fixed costs. Their problem is a lack of disposable income within the local populace, not their price points. Let’s not forget that the beach and boardwalk are lightly used between Labor Day and Memorial Day and hardly at all after dusk, when I’d venture to guess that most events at the facility will occur. Trump’s facility will generate jobs, revenue, and remove an egregious eyesore which has existed for too many years. I have to wonder whether Ms. Friedman is planning another political run while using Trump’s project as a publicity platform.
Ken June 12, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Here's a thought... let's try to find a publicly elected, or volunteering visionary to come up with some ideas for the eyesore that now exists because of Trump, and build something in the nature of Jones Beach that favors the general public. Stop buying into the wonderful benefits of jobs and revenues the Trump catering hall will bring. It will bring him revenues at the cost of commercializing our state park. WAKE UP! Ask The Donald to renovate the Nassau Coliseum and let him put his name on that if he wants to help Long Island. Don't let him put his stamp on our greatest natural treasure.
Lorraine DeVita June 12, 2012 at 03:25 PM
.. we are drowning in ORDINARY.affordbale eateries you really need to get out more often and partake of the affordbale that currently exisits. how much more affordable then Fridays or Houlihans, Olive garden or that insipid seafood chain do you want? All American, macdonalds, BK, sonic ? Rick, please affordable abounds.. LIVE A LITTLE ...its not like this is going to be your "go to" neighborhood family rest. because you cant decide what to cook that nite.
Lorraine DeVita June 12, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Ken, I supose your relatives where the ones who tried to squelch Robert Moses from building roads and the complex at Jones beach? If we all FOUGHT improvements and prgress we wouldnt have Jones beach, the empire state building, the southern and northern state parkways the LIE the LIRR, AIRPORTS etc. all fought with the same zeal that they would destroy the pristine conditions and natural treasures. Open space.. Hey perhaps we should all raize our homes and convert LI BACK to what it was originally farm land as far as the eye could see with no housing developments, no roads to speak of a just a few farmers and fisherman and the natural treasure called LI..
Richard Zitrick June 12, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Lorraine, According to your logic Ken either accepts your view that we need Trumps’ name at Jones Beach or he is some kind of reactionary idiot that wants to move back to the stone age. Seems to me he gave a very nice alternative to Trump building his abortion at Jones Beach but you chose to ignore that. Your logic sounds eerily similar to those that say “My country, love it or leave it” when people believe that perhaps the US is going in the wrong direction and suggest changes. I wonder what you truly have to gain by having Trump’s name plastered all over Jones Beach and associated with a building that the average beach-goer will never be able to afford to enter.
Steve Haubeil June 12, 2012 at 04:25 PM
The way it is now is just so adorable. The wispy weeds blowing in the wind. An 8 foot high weather battered wooden wall. The flea market type kiosks peddling shishkebabs. It is a place I am almost proud to call my beach. Why would we need a hoity toity place to bring out of town guests to? Why would I want to make the beach area more desirable? That Donald guy will make it sooo inconvenient for us poor slobs to look around the attractive buildings and numerous celebrities that will invade our space. How dare he do that?
Richard Zitrick June 12, 2012 at 05:29 PM
So, what you're saying Steve is that there are ONLY two choices for that spot - either it remains as you've just described or Trump builds his catering hall. That's it - no other choices. Given those two choices, I'd opt for my original suggestion - bulldoze it all and plant grass and flowers. That way, it will fit in with the beach's original decor. And let me get this straight - you plan on bringing your lawn chair and sitting outside the building to watch for celebrities?
Lorraine DeVita June 12, 2012 at 06:25 PM
no what i am saying is this: change is hard for people to accept..and change isnt neccessarily BAD - many changes have brought prosperity to this tiny blip on the map called LI that have helped us ALL make homes here. We need NOT be afraid of something that quite honestly is not all that life threatening or life changing ... Everyone is ASSUMING it will kill the ambiance of the beach ,cause traffic jams ,multitudes of DWI's and horrifc outcomes..it is a CATERING facilty thats it, not some three ring circus , a little faith a little open mindedness and a little understanding that some of the wonderful things we have on the island that we cherish wouldnt exisit if our predecessors continued to place obstacles in the way of progress. Did everyone raise the hue and cry when the ikon theaer was built ? did they raise the hue and cry becaseu traffic would be intolerable? did they raise the hue and cry that they assume all concert goers are drunks and druggies? lol no ofocurse not.. why? this isnt about whats good for the beach this is about people unable to assimilate that the building in question was a hazard needed to be repaired or rebuilt and what was there previously was in plain terms CRAP.& it wastn cheap either ! trump builds a good product. and people who CAN afford it WILL utilize it Whats ironinc is 95% of the people moaning and complaining didnt Utilize the boardwalk rest when it was there. The food was disgusting& expensive & the place was a hell hole
Lorraine DeVita June 12, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Does anyone know the capacity for the new building? does anyone know the Number of parking slots allotted to the new building? How do these numbers compare to OTHER catering facitlities on the island ? Are assumptions that this is the next Grammys or Tonys Award ceremony location? HA! i think not. celebs arent going to come to the the plebian Jones beach catering hall @ the beach of the people when they can copter out to the hamptons in annominity and relax and party without the throngs of "little people" staring at them .. come on some common sense please. FYI MOSt celebraties DONT do catering halls for dinner or parties. private venues with the operating word - PRIVATE is the preference of choice.
Ken June 12, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Lorraine, you couldn't be more hopelessly wrong about me, and probably everything else for that matter. No one's against progress, but Jones Beach does not need a catering hall. Let your kids and grand kids celebrate their Sweet Sixteens somewhere else on the Island. We could use a nice restaurant which flows with the surroundings. A catering hall handling a couple of 200-300 person weddings will put a strain on our water supply, traffic, and parking, not to mention sewage and trash removal. Lastly, it's a barrier island. One major tidal wave and it will be Trump in the Ocean. Be smart for a change, stop drinking Donald's Kool Aid.
Lorraine DeVita June 13, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Ken, I can appreciate your resistance, do you honestly think 200-300 MORE people at the beach flushing toilets, parking cars etc will severly compromise the water supply, sewage and trash removal ? If so then perhaps we should limit the number of beach goers to insure we have a minimum of people on any given day during extremely hot weather when the numbers SURGE dramitcally in beach attendence. Lets be honest here, A) Right now there is no statistical proof to substanciate all the furor and angst. B) A Tidal surge will effect ALL the buildings on jones beach as well as all the homes further east on both the bay side and the ocean front from point look out to fire Island & all the beaches in between. C) the name "Trump" has people up in arms If ANYONE is going to build a building on the ocean front that will last it would be trump not becaseu i am Trump fan but because if nothing else he does build a quality sound product. Am I ambivilant about the possibility that he might want to expand into other venues on the beach front yes i am.. however At THIS time we are simply talking about what is possibly a beautiful building (trump doesnt build UGLY) that will generate income to support the preservation of the REST of the beach without beach goers having to pay 25-30 dollars a day to enjoy.
Lorraine DeVita June 13, 2012 at 12:57 PM
As to affordablility - its ironic people would be ok with an affordbale MUCH used rest. in that location with the SAME occupancy rate which would generate MORe traffic and more toilet flushes then with an upscale facility that will not be used on a daily basis BUT will be utilized year round. An affordable family freindly rest would pull in more people as there is a turn over ratio needed for success- same table multiple times - so the 200-300 capacity has the propensity to turn into 400-600 people on any given evening - not including lunch -with lines waiting to get in with little beepers ( ie the aussie brand steak house) 6 days a week where as a catering facility with the same capacity is a one shot deal- for possibly two events afternoon and evening. mostly on weekends in the later afternoon. Which in fact controls traffic to the venue vs an affordable rest that needs to drive consistant traffic to be sustainable and profitable. In the beginning is it going to be crowded? ofcourse- it will be a novelty but it will wear off after a 6-12 month period no one will take any notice because it truly wont be THAT big a deal.
Lorraine DeVita June 13, 2012 at 02:15 PM
AND if Trump has ANY smarts he will partner with the Scotto bros. to run ie, Blackstones, Rothmans, Burton & Doyles, Rare etc. , as well as the many fine catering facilties. Quality food in all ,attention to detail, fine wines and exceptional attentive service. Its about time the SOUTH SHORE had quality upscale dining.a go to special occassion establishment ... All we have is mom & pop and chain resturants which are fine for the weekly i dont want to cook syndrom or lets go eat out with friends but on occasion i would prefer to dine in something a wee bit more elegant and refined with outstanding food & service and i as would others would prefer NOT to have to travel to NYC or the North Shore to do so. Occassionaly we ALL want to splurge on something extraordinary..
Ryan June 13, 2012 at 02:42 PM
I hope I don't get bashed for saying this, but I am a state employee at Jones Beach and you wouldn't believe the amount of people that come up to me and coworkers asking where the resturant is(By the way it is a resturant/catering hall, just to make that clear). I also hear many complaints about the consession stands, being to expensive and not having good quality. This would give people another choice besides eat the consession stand food or go home The measly 200 to 300 people that pervious readers have predicted will be no problem for Jones Beach to handle. Even if the occupancy was 1000 it would not effect it that much. The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we had an excess of 500,000 people. This is the busiest day of out year and all facilities handled it fine. The resturant would be located in Central Mall which is right next to Field 4 parking, which can also hold over 8000 cars. Jones Beach is also crumbling, something needs to be done to bring life back to the area. Many of the buildings need renovations and improvements, but this can't be done without money. By building a resturant/catering hall it will bring more attention to Jones Beach and lift the standard for Jones Beach facilities.
Chris Wendt June 13, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Ryan, you presume, without any assurance, that money generated by Trump on the Ocean will be used to fix Jones Beach State Park. Actually, ALL money generated by Trump of the Ocean will go directly into the NY State Treasury, to be allocated and spent by those guys, you know, the Three Men in a Room, who decide the state budget every year.
Lorraine DeVita June 13, 2012 at 03:36 PM
chris, lets discount the people who actually work there and see first hand daily what the conditions are...sometimes its better to get the persepctive and info from the people who actually are on the scene daily to assess place somethings into perspective. Ryan thanks for the much needed input ...
Drew June 13, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I'm all for building a new restaurant at Jones Beach, but if anyone thinks that Donald Trump has the best interests of Long Islanders at heart, you're just being naive. It's all about maximizing what goes in his pocket, not what's in our best interests. This will just be the tip of the iceberg. Next will be a hotel, then a casino. Who knows what comes after that. I'm not against progress, but there is only so much development the area can support.
Chris Wendt June 29, 2012 at 05:16 PM
BREAKING: DEAL REACHED! Trump on the Ocean will have a new lease starting in 2012, a scaled-down basement that does not violate flood-plain zoning, and will comport with the 1930's stone architectural elements common throughout much of Jones Beach State Park original facilities. Trump will not have to pay rent for the time lost fighting with the State in court. Wantagh Schools and Fire District got nothing out of the deal.
Lorraine DeVita June 29, 2012 at 06:20 PM
chris why would you think or even lead people to think that the SD and Fd would receive anything ITS STATE PROPERTY. he is basically building a concession stand albeit a rather fancy pricey one ..... The state is the owner of the property not donald trump...
Marty July 25, 2012 at 01:54 PM
200,000 a year! I wish I could build a restaurant there and only have to pay pennies for such a great location on the Ocean! No public notice to entice bidding on prime property. That is where the outrage should be. There should be daily picketting at that site everyday. Something is very wrong it is a State facility and state work goes to bidding. This is a violation of something, people including our elected officials need to address this injustice.This whole plan is a ripoff of the hard working taxpayers of New York and Trump benifits again like when NYC bailed out a broke Trump in the 1980's that everyone including Trump forgets....... The Wantagh School Board shouldn't be the only ones raising issues. What happened to fair open competitive bidding Gov. Coumo?


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