10 College Dorm Room Necessities

A list of things no student should be without in their dorm room.

Most college-bound freshman will be headed to school in a month's time.

The concept of a dorm room is exciting for any freshman getting away from home for the first time. But a dorm is only useful if it's done right.

Yahoo! Shopping recently released its list of 10 items every student should have in their dorm for a successful year.

  1. Alarm Clock: You don't want to sleep through a final (trust me). The first thing any student should pick up for their dorm room is an alarm clock. It doesn't have to be high tech, it just has to work. Pick one up in Wantagh or Seaford at CVS locations on or . 
  2. Comfortable Bedding: Every second of sleep is important college -- especially freshman year when you have classes before 9 a.m. (don't worry, that usually stops by junior year). Pick it up in Wantagh at on 3235 Sunrise Hwy. 
  3. Bed Risers: Space is key in a dorm room. Bed risers provide a good amount of space for storage underneath that bed of yours. Pick them up in nearby Levittown at the following locations: ; ; .
  4. Multi-Tasking Furniture: See above reasoning. Yahoo! Shopping recommends a storage ottoman. Pick them up in neighboring Massapequa at .  
  5. Laundry Bag: You're going to have to lug your laundry back and forth from the laundry room to your dorm room (or if you choose not to do your laundry, from your dorm room to your parents' house over break). Pick one up in nearby Levittown at the following locations: ; .
  6. Mini Fridge: For storing water, soda and food only. Pick one up in Seaford at  on 3782 Merrick Road. 
  7. Shower Tote: You don't want to be leaving your personal shower gear in the communal bathroom. You also don't want to let you soap touch anything in the bathroom. Remember, it's a college bathroom. Do yourself a favor and pick one up in Levittown at the following locations: ; .
  8. Closet Organizer: This might be more for the female population, as most of the men I knew just threw their clothes around their rooms, but it is a good investment. Yahoo! Shopping recommends an adjustable double organizer. Pick one up in Levittown at the following locations: ; .
  9. Desk Lamp: You will be doing work into the wee hours of the morning. If you're not a library person, then a lamp in your room is certainly necessary. Pick one up in Levittown at the following locations: ; ; ; ; .
  10. Wall Décor: Put a little bit of yourself up on the walls of your dorm room -- posters, photos of you and yours friends, etc. Pick some up in Massapequa at . 


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