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Lynbrook School Board Selects New Logo for Marion Street Turf Field

Residents express disapproval with board's design choice and time spent discussing the logo.

There were five options for a logo to be placed at the Marion Street turf field that were debated at Wednesday night's Lynbrook Board of Education meeting.

The logos ranged from a less detailed owl in the center of the field to a more detailed owl with "Lynbrook" painted in both end zones. Other options included a solid gold letter "L" in the middle of the field and an "L" surrounded by a white outline. After going over their choices, the board ultimately decided on option C, a solid gold "L" in the center of the field with the word, "Owls," written in both end zones.

"This is something our sports teams and our fans are going to be looking at for years to come, so I feel it's an important decision," said Interim School Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak. "We wanted to decide this tonight so we can finalize the specs and send the plan to the SED (State Education Department) for approval."

The Board considered multiple factors, including the budget cost for the logos and the number of letters in the end zone. Prices ranged from $69,000 total for the detailed owl with Lynbrook painted in both end zones to $22,000 for the design eventually chose.

Not everyone was happy with the board's final decision including Lynbrook resident Jennifer Hinderstein, who said she would have a preferred a picture of an owl as the logo. "I don't like the 'L' in the middle, it could represent anything," she said. "I would also like to see 'Lynbrook' written on both sides of the field."

Lynbrook senior Zoe Daniels, who is one of top students in her class, was also not thrilled about the board's decision and the time they spent debating the issue.

"We spent 20 minutes discussing what logo to put on the new turf field," said Daniels. "What logo is put on the field will not affect athletes' performances nor their choices of colleges in the future."

She added that the topic of storm grading policy would have made for a better discussion.

"The issue of changing a grading policy didn't get that much, if any, consideration from the board or the community," she stated. "The policy was put in place the day we returned to school after the storm. Changing a grading policy, particularly for high school seniors at the end of their high school career, will have an impact on grades, ranking, and choice of colleges."

Tom Nathan December 16, 2012 at 03:08 AM
Another lousy decision by Burak and not what the people wanted


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