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CBS Pilot to Use Seaford Avenue School as Staging Area

Production company for Jerry Bruckheimer-produced TV pilot “Trooper” requests to utilize old elementary school while shooting scene on Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway.

A Jerry Bruckheimer-produced CBS drama pilot called “Trooper” is scheduled to shoot a scene in the local area sometime next week and will utilize an old Seaford elementary school as a staging area.

Bruckheimer’s Bonanza Productions requested use of the former Seaford Avenue School building to store equipment and provide meals to its crew during the shoot slated to take place on the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway (Route 135).  Seaford Superintendent of Schools Brian Conboy said the district would receive $1,500 from the production company for providing use of the property on 2165 Seaford Ave. for less than one day. The Seaford Avenue School closed in 1981 and was later utilized as the home for Five Towns College and then Nassau BOCES before its lease expired in 2010.

“This is the only revenue that we’re taking from the building for the year so we’ll take it,” said Conboy during Thursday night's Board of Education meeting at . 

“Trooper” features a “common-sense mother-turned-New York state trooper” played by Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The CBS pilot is the latest creation of Bruckheimer, an acclaimed film and television producer whose best known projects include “Crime Scene Investigation”, “Cold Case”, “The Amazing Race”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Pearl Harbor” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Next week’s Trooper scene filmed on Route 135 will be the second shot on the Nassau County highway in the last three years. In July 2009, Jennifer Aniston shot scenes for the romantic comedy “Bounty Hunter” on Route 135 between the Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway exits.

The exact date, time and location of the television shoot on Route 135 were not immediately known. 

Chris Wendt March 16, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Good article about a sorry state of affairs. Here's the Yin-and-Yang in my opinion: Yin: too many old schools being closed on Long Island creating a true glut of this type of property on the market, and creating the implication of a continuing and expanding trend in this direction based on a combination of the poor economy, acute school finance & tax pressures, but especially on projections of declining enrollment. This has seriously depressed the marketability of closed school buildings on Long Island. Generally, public school buildings are zoned for use as schools and require a lengthy, costly and uncertain re-zoning process for alternative (non-school) use. Finally, schools of the vintage of the Seaford Avenue School are usually woefully out-of-date in terms of safety and environmental code compliance. While some compliance issues are 'grandfathered', especially for a 'closed' school, when ownership changes hands, any grandfathered exceptions to code compliance end. Yang: The Baby Boom Generation is aging with the leading edge of Boomers turning 66 this year. This is creating demand for assisted living, rehabilitation, long-term health care and hospice facilities for senior citizens. Many of these type of facilities are being developed in old school buildings.
Sharon March 16, 2012 at 05:32 PM
It'd be nice if they mentioned WHERE the SOB would be closed. Hopefully it won't screw with traffic too much.
Andrew Coen March 16, 2012 at 05:44 PM
@Sharon: Am going to try and obtain that information from the State Department of Transportation.
Lorraine DeVita March 20, 2012 at 02:24 AM
lol hope the toilets atleast flush for these people! otherwise the plumbing bill is going to be bigger then the fee we charged!


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