Condo Plans for Former Seaford Avenue School Property Heading to Voters

Seaford school board also planning referendum on access road at Seaford Harbor School in scheduled Oct. 16 vote.

The future of the former Seaford Avenue School property will be in the hands of the voters in mid October.

The Seaford Board of Education voted at its Thursday night meeting to hold a referendum vote on Oct. 16 where residents will decide whether to approve a  at the 5.6-acre property on 2165 Seaford Ave. If approved, the project would net the Seaford School District around $5.2 milion and enable the developer, BK at Seaford, LLC, to construct 113 condos that would be sold in the range of $350,000 to $400,000 each. If voters give the geen light for the project, BK at Seaford, LLC, a subsidiary of The Engel Burman Group in Garden City, would then need to obtain necessary zoning approvals from the Town of Hempstead before breaking ground. 

Seaford Board of Education President Brian Fagan estimates that if the sale of the Seaford Avenue School property is approved it will save the district around $100,000 in annual maintenance costs in addition to creating an additional tax revenue source. After closing in 1981, the 1939-built Seaford Avenue School building served as the home of Five Towns College and most recently Nassau BOCES until its lease expired in 2010. 

"It's very important that the community understand the benefits of this sale," Fagan said. "This is planning for the future." 


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In addition to voters deciding whether to approve the sale of the Seaford Avenue School property for a condo development, another referendum is also planned for the Oct. 16 ballot addressing a long-stalled new access road project for the . The estimated $596,719 project, which would be paid for by leftover funds from a capital improvements proposition approved in December 2007, failed by 238 votes in a May 2010 referendum vote. The Seaford school board is scheduled to vote at a special meeting scheduled for this Tuesday morning on a resolution to include a referendum for the access road project on the same day as the condo proposal. 

A town hall meeting to provide an overview on referendums for the Seaford Avenue School property and access road project is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4 at . 

Chris Wendt August 26, 2012 at 12:22 AM
JDe, nice thought. Now all you need is the competing option, meaning someone to make a proposal and an offer...that exceeds the current offer. The property has been actively marketed for over a year. No competing offer has materialized. There are many schools being closed on Long Island, and that trend is very likely to continue for the near term. You might consider that, if there is not presently a glut of surplus school sites for sale, that there will be in the foreseeable future. Seaford should not want to be left holding the bag so to speak waiting for a competing offer for this property. for which you already a very attractive offer in hand. Here is the link to the Nehemiah Home Ownership Program http://www.nyc.gov/html/hpd/html/buyers/nehemiah.shtml What is lacking in Seaford are two key ingredients of the NYC program: direct housing subsidies of $46,000 for each of the single-family home, as well as $30 million infrastructure subsidy. Another note: "The Nehemiah program is a collaboration between HPD and a consortia of community-based churches in Brooklyn that over the past 15 years has constructed nearly 3,000 single-family homes in the East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn." There is no reference in the Nehemiah literature that this is senior housing program. Have you looked into the possibility of having churches provide massive financial support for affordable housing in a middle class, predominately white, suburban neighborhood?
Lorraine DeVita August 26, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Pssst - as stated by Brian Fagan at the Library meeting - there WAS another interested party which the BOARD chose not to pursue -
Lorraine DeVita August 26, 2012 at 03:36 AM
Chris, Years is not an exageration- lets not minimize the impact onthe surrounding homes. From start to finish this project if approved will take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 yrs IF all goes as planned. This is not a home remodel or even a demo of an old home and rebuild of a new one. This is a development. The actual demolition and construction WILL be messy and noisey, it WILL be an inconvenience for the neighbors, HOWEVER what everyone has to realize is SOMETHING has to be done with this building- whether it is sold to THIS builder or another or not at all , there will be NOISE there will be inconvenience regardless of WHAT is built there. The building is basically uninhabitable,unsafe & needs to be either torn down or completely gutted. It is fast becoming dangerous & far too expensive to keep. We can try to impress upon the neighbors that when completed it will be a continual source of added tax revenue, it will also be a VAST improvement over what is there now , IT will not be an eyesore it will not be a safety hazzard or a perpetual drain on the districts resource. BUT Lets not diminsih the BULLET these residents are going to BITE for the good fo the community. Its a BIG ONE. Would i personally be pissed as hell & concerned if i lived in the surrounding homes. OFCOURSE,this is going to effect the neighborhood for BLOCKs, anyone between sunrise & merrick is going to feel the effects. But truthfully we DONT have a viable alternative & this NEEDS to be done.
Buster of Seaford September 15, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Can someone please tell me if the q and a is still scheduled for 10/4? And since the last posts (mid-August) has there been a definition of the minumum space needed, traffic studies as well as community impact, etc...? Now that the sign is up at the school, I would like to be at least somewhat informed before the vote. I am very apprehensive and somewhat suspicious of the board..as I've been living 2 blocks from the site 23 years now and was witness to the last time they tried to bulldoze this past the residents, with negative results. Seems not much info, and not a lot of pubicity re: the vote. Particularly if you haven't kids attending school..no notices out in the neighborhood..beyond the one on the real estate developers at the school, easily missed..this is a repeat of the way it went down the last time. At the time there were rumors of some kind of collusion between members of the board and the developer. I'd just like to know if there has been due diligence. Esp.n terms of the impact. So please let me know? Thanks.
Lorraine DeVita September 18, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Buster- The points you raise are valid as to PR and transparency- To my knowledge a district wide mailer with all the pertinant informaiton has not been composed and mailed out as of todays date.( i could be wrong) Nor has an Agenda of the October meeting been formulated and dispersed(again could be wrong). As to an impact survey- I dont think that figured in their equation. Their concern was selling the property and the financial impact on the community if the property DOESNT sell. What i would suggest is call the developer E/B and ask for a project representative and the arch of record to speak with the immediate homeowners to address those concerns @ an informal meeting . Actually I fear the Board is going to tell you THEY (the Board) dont have the answers you seek .Bottom line IMO is the board has left the responsibility up to the BUYER to SELL the concept to the community but i dont think they informed the buyer of that, nor have they informed the community. We have a persistent problem in Seaford when it comes to thorough,clear, concise, timely factual information being disseminated by the Board and Administration. In business its called effective and thorough COMMUNICATION, unfortunately on most matters - it simply isnt the Boards SOP and i fear it is becaseu they dont grasp the concept that WE the taxpayers NEED and want ALL the information to make an informed decision, the days of blindly following the board are long since gone.


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