Kindergarten Class Size at Manor School Sparks Parent Concerns

District officials working toward plan that will attend to needs of kindergarten classes expected to average around 26 this fall at Seaford Manor School.

Kindergarten class sizes will be larger than usual at this fall sparking concerns from parents over whether their children will be provided proper attention.

There are currently three kindergarten classes scheduled for an enrollment of 78 students, according to district officials, which will equate to class sizes of 26, according to district officials. Parents at Thursday night’s Seaford school board meeting expressed concerns about 26 students being too large a setting for kindergarten students for one teacher and a half-day aid. Last year when kindergarten enrollment at Seaford Manor School was far lower, class sizes were under 20.

“It’s going to be complete chaos for the children,” said Donna Jebaily, who has a child entering kindergarten at Seaford Manor School. during the public comments portion of Thursday evening’s school board meeting held in the Band Room.

“I really feel we are doing them a disservice,” said Amy Holt, who also has a child that will be in one of the Seaford Manor School kindergarten classes come September.

The has 84 kindergarten students enrolled as of early July and  will have four classes with 21 students.

Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy said the district would love to add another kindergarten class to the Seaford Manor School but is under budget constraints. Seaford is coming off a year of operating on a and while this year’s spending plan , the district is not in position to hire another full-time kindergarten teacher.

Conboy emphasized that he understands the parents’ concerns and will work hard with Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel to come up with a plan that gives the kindergarten students as much attention as possible. He said this could include hiring additional part-time teachers to go along with the half-day aid currently provided. The number of kindergarten students enrolled at Seaford Manor School also could change by the end of the summer, he said.


AlreadyGone July 19, 2012 at 07:05 AM
Chris, I actually LOVED the idea and had hoped it would come to fruition. In addition to the instructional benefit and improved focus of the schools, socially, I felt having 4th and 5th graders on same the buses with full-day kindergarteners was inappropriate. My 5 y.o. daughter got quite an education on that bus. :(
Chris Wendt July 19, 2012 at 10:25 AM
Wow! That is perspective I had not even considered! What an interesting point. Thanks for bringing it up.
Lorraine DeVita July 20, 2012 at 08:13 PM
There are several educationaly and rationaly sound premises to implement the princetown plan especialy in Seaford. The excuse of having several kids in several different schools doesnt hold much water as some parents already have kids in the elementary school, the MS school and the HS. Some evenhave some in Private and some in public. The inconvenience factor is subjective the Educational factor is a proven. It could also conceivably eliminate a traffic issue at the K-2 location as ALL of those students SHOULD be getting bused if for nothing else safety sake. due to their age. therefore it seems likely that the Harbor would be probably a better k-2 location while the manor would be the best location for 3-5. It could also help mitigate the issue of egress at the harbor school as there would not be the vast amount of mommy cars and walkers competeting with buses.
Chris Wendt July 21, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Good point also, Lorraine. Is there any active consideration of this happening in Seaford, if you know?
Lorraine DeVita July 28, 2012 at 01:13 AM
chris, Not to my knowledge , however if there was a time to consider implementing the princeton plan it is now. But like everything else in Seaford it takes years for seaford to make ANY decision to even examine a proposal. - for example, we apprently have a quasi contract on the Ave school, the plans have been explored 113 multi family units however in order for it to go the next step the District needs to hold a public meeting to explain the plan along with the developer then hold a vote where the residents could either approve or disapprove of the plan. And we have heard WHAT exactly on this proposal? The contract was signed several months ago - You had in another post stated these are must have funds.. lol by the time we get them chris IF we get them the entire kindergarten class will be graduating HS! There is NO sense of urgency in this distrct about anything...except possibly finaggling funds for MUCH NEEDED SCORE BOARDS from donors and anything else HS sports related. THAT is the priority for Seaford. Not fixing problems..addressing academic needs .. or FUNDING for education.. a score board instead of those funds possibly going towards education or perhaps even MS sports odd isnt it the timing and the amount one season SHORT of fund rasing the HS comes up with a donor for a score.board. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm nice work Mr. Athletic Director. et al involved. Take about throwing kids under the bus. but then again thats MHO


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