Save Seaford Sports Deadline Looms for Fall Season

Organization has until Friday afternoon to raise funds needed to restore Seaford Middle School fall athletics.

The Save Seaford Sports Committee is doing one final fundraising push in hopes of being able to salvage the  fall athletic teams not included in the district's 2012/13 budget. 

The organization has a deadline of Friday afternoon to raise the funds needed to restore middle school football, boys and girls soccer, field hockey and cheerleading. Seaford's $57.8 million budget  in May includes funding for the Seaford Middle School spring season but not the fall and winter. The 2011/12 budget only funded the fall middle school season, which prompted the . 

Last year's Save Seaford Sports fundraising efforts was enough to salvage the winter sports teams but  of being able to bring back the spring athletic teams. Save Seaford Sports has held fundraisers this summer to try and raise the necessary $31,000 for fall sports restoration but finds itself short heading into Friday’s deadline. 

The Save Seaford Sports Committee sent an email Thursday morning asking for donations of $100 per family. The organization has thus far received donations from 70 families but needs contributions from another 220 in order to successfully bring back the Seaford Middle School fall season. Committee organizers said checks will only be cashed if the restoration of fall middle school sports becomes a reality. 

Donations to Save Seaford Sports can be mailed to Maureen Perez 1802 Park Drive Seaford, N.Y. 11783 For further information on Save Seaford Sports, log onto the group's website or Facebook page.

J September 07, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Here's a thought: why don't the parents of the children involved foot the bill. Taxpayers already do more than enough. It's time to pay your own way and not expect others to do it for you.
Risa September 07, 2012 at 06:24 PM
We would GLADLY pay to play - it would have cost us all alot less time, money and energy than we have spent on our exhaustive fundraising efforts - unfortunately we have been told this in not an option.
Chris Wendt September 07, 2012 at 07:05 PM
@ J re: "...why don't the parents of the children involved foot the bill." Answer: Pay-to-Play is not lawful in NY public schools. What the Seaford school board has been doing, requiring donations to run sports programs for the past two years is flirting with the regulations. What they are doing this year directly contravenes a legal opinion I have read that was written by a member of Seaford's law firm, which essentially said that, if the Board of Education cuts something (removes it from the budget before the budget is submitted for a vote) then what the Board cut before the vote cannot be reinstated by fundraising. The Seaford Board of Education, next year. needs to step up to the plate and own sports as a district budget and funding responsibility, and stop hanging out parts of the program for pay-to-play and other potential legal or regulatory challenges. I sincerely hope Save Seaford Sports meets the Board's goal by Monday. Not just so Seaford MS can have a fall season, but to stop a raft of questions and complaints about cash donations made since last winter that did not materialize into either a Spring or Fall MS Sports season. It is one thing for the school board to put the monkey of the backs of sports parents and supporters; it is an entirely different thing when financially struggling people give hard earned money to a cause that does not materialize, over and over again. Again, please do not get me wrong: this is the Board's problem!
Lorraine DeVita September 07, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Chris, You asre 100% correct when you state this is a BOARD issue which they created themselves. While everyone knows i am NOt a proponent of Fundraising nor do i firmly beleive MS students will wither away without sports, I do feel VERY STRONGLY that these MS kids are being USED AS PAWNS by the Board and by the Adminsitration and by the UTS. Save Seaford MS sports is in a very difficult situation they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. For this Board to with one sweep of the hand arbitrarily do away with an entire level of sports for only one section of the district is BIAS. Why discrinminate against these kids ? Either fund the whole darn thing or fund NOTHING. I am quite sure the Athletic Director couldhave tweeked his budget to eliminate new uniforms, new equipment and other not absolutely needed athletic line items like coaching seminars etc to meet the majority of the needs of MS sports. Additonaly the BOARD accepted a financial donation for a score board when they KNEW MS sports was going to come up short ast year, talk about a kick int he teeth. Could they not asked the donor if it could be used for the MS sports program BEFORE they accepted the check? And what SELFISH half a heads were out &about raising money for a SCORE board when they knew a whole lot of kids werent going to be able to play MS sports and that money could have been better utilized to support the MS members of SEAFORD SPORTS ..
Lorraine DeVita September 07, 2012 at 07:56 PM
@Risa, again you know my feelings on fundraising but your statement about the parent sbeing very willing to pay to play- ok so did you EVER think about having the parents BUY a pencil for the cost of their kid playing- you go around the problem not use it an as excuse. Divide the cost of the EACH team between the participating parents and have EACH parent write a check for a tshirt or a sweatrshirt that equals the amount of their kids participation.and It could even be a FICITIOUS tshirt if you wanted ot keep the cost down! Come on people use your heads if it mattered that much dispense with the running around and moaning and cough up the money for your kid. OR let them play CYO basketball, or Broncos/.Mustangs football and cheerleading - There are expeditious alternatives and solutions to your finanical dilema. Pick one and run with it. My condolences to the MS Members of the Seaford Sports Family you got the shaft from the rest of your Seaford Sports relatives in the HS and the benevolent uncles "the BOARD" and the Super.
Risa September 07, 2012 at 08:36 PM
@Lorraine - Thanks for your input. It is difficult to go the route of asking each "sports" family to "buy" something = to the cost of their child playing because there is no guarantee that their child will make a team - then you run the risk of little Johnny/Mary's family upset becuase "I bought that sweatshirt/t-shirt/pencil so they could play and they didn't make the team and now I want my money back" - a whole other set of problems we'd have to deal with. I can say from my own experience (and MANY other sports families in town) my son's play sports (little league, CYO, etc.) out of school but they still deserve their in-school sports. What is even more interesting is that many of us that worked on the SSS committee last year and CONTINUE to this year, don't even have kids in the MS any longer - many were in 8th grade and now are in the HS and we are still committed to this cause as we feel it is extremely unfair and very sad that the same school/program/kids are getting the shaft 2 years in a row!!
Lorraine DeVita September 07, 2012 at 08:45 PM
@Risa- We Both know we disagree on a few things but we DO agree that these kids should NEVER be the "poor relatives or orphans " ... They DID get and are STILL getting the shaft! My hats off to you and all the parents this year and last who have tackled a giant tasked that was totaly unfair to these kids from the beginning. Like i said we dont agree on everything but we can agree EVERY STUDENT should be given the SAME opportunities for success.. Good luck!
Risa September 07, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Thanks Lorraine!
J September 07, 2012 at 09:33 PM
The opportunities for success are the same. It's known as a good education. You can go play soccer at the park. Sports are not "deserved" they are a priviledge.
Chris Wendt September 08, 2012 at 02:43 AM
@ J re: "Sports are not "deserved" they are a priviledge." That does not make sense; you seem to be talking against your own argument. Perhaps you meant to say that "sports are not a 'right', they are a privelege"? Okay, but the school board bollixed up their budget for sports, created a semipermanent hole in the overall budget due to their shortsighted approach in 2011-12, and are now moving shells around the card table as fast as they can to try to make it work this year. People, if today's drop-dead date was not really a drop-dead date, then what makes Monday a "drop-dead" date? Simply put, the Board did not have the guts to pull the trigger today, so they kicked the can down the road waiting on a miracle. The Board should accept on Monday whatever money SSS has collected, reinstate the MS fall season, and make a budget transfer to cover any shortfall. They would probably get an audit letter scolding them for doing that, but maybe not. It would not be the first scolding or scalding audit letter Seaford ever received. Take one for the team, Board members, so to speak!
J September 08, 2012 at 10:27 AM
Chris. I used the word "deserved" as I was quoting from Risa's post above, " . . . they still deserve their in-school sports". I know what my argument is, and am quite able to express it without your help. Thanks.
Chris Wendt September 08, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Whether sports are deserved or are a privilege, depending upon one's viewpoint, pay-to-play, meaning having parents pay in order for their kids to play, is not lawful in NY. There is no arguing that legal fact, although you could lobby to change the law. Sports being a privilege for which students can be considered deserving (meaning, having earned the privilege), then what would be the rationale for taking away that privilege once it has been "deserved" or earned by any student in the Seaford School District, meaning. taking it away selectively and apparently in willy-nilly fashion, this season this year for these kids, and that season next year for those kids, and what season in each of the following years for which other deserving kids? I am telling you that this Board-imposed "try, try again" fundraising that is not producing even-handed sports participation in Seaford is coming very close to a de facto pay-to-play scheme, because if you don't raise enough money to play baseball, well too bad, let's see how you do raising money for football in the fall. Oh no, not good enough? Well, it's football after all, so we'll give you some extra time, because, well, its football. I guess the baseball parents didn't want their kids to play baseball hard enough? This wackadoodle MS sports programming could also morph into a Title IX issue, if more girls get shut-out of sports than boys. Seaford kids "deserve" better adult leadership and handling of this privilege.
Lorraine DeVita September 08, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Jim September 09, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Chris, You are really on the money with this one. We will see how this plays out, but I didnt see any of this extra effort by the board when it came to spring sports at year. "I am telling you that this Board-imposed "try, try again" fundraising that is not producing even-handed sports participation in Seaford is coming very close to a de facto pay-to-play scheme, because if you don't raise enough money to play baseball, well too bad, let's see how you do raising money for football in the fall. Oh no, not good enough? Well, it's football after all, so we'll give you some extra time, because, well, its football. I guess the baseball parents didn't want their kids to play baseball hard enough?"
Risa September 09, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Jim - We were in agreement for most of your entry UNTIL......the last sentence....."I guess the baseball parents didn't want their kids to play baseball hard enough?" You must not have been involved in our efforts all of last year because if you were, you would have known that 95% of the parents running the SSS Committee (myself included) are Baseball and Softball parents....perhaps be a bit more careful when pointing fingers or placing blame...
Chris Wendt September 09, 2012 at 03:33 AM
That was my remark Jim was paraphrasing. Sure, you wanted baseball, and no doubt very badly. Just, (from the Board's perspective) it didn't matter how hard you wanted baseball...it just wasn't hard enough, because you didn't raise enough money to get it done. Too bad, no spring sports for you or your kids. I have tremendous respect and admiration for you, Risa, and SSS. But there is an appearance, out here on this side of 135, of something akin to the Stockholm Syndrome developing there in Seaford. If you miss the mark fundraising for fall MS sports, then you should be on the phone with the Commissioner's office, and by you, I mean your Rottweiler lawyer. If you do not have a Rottweiler lawyer, then I suggest you hire one.
Jim September 09, 2012 at 05:26 AM
Risa, I was quoting Chris in the latter part of my post. I believe what he was saying(tongue in cheek)was that from the perspective of the school board, the needs of the spring sports didn't rise to the level of the needs of the fall sports. I could be off base with that, but we will see how it plays out. My post was not directed at SSS.
Lorraine DeVita September 09, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Did the Board/Sup prorate the AD's salary for both Fall and Winter sports or ALL seasons? Allocating a portion to the MS level for the year? These are the financial questions need to be addressed along with the acutal total cost to fund EACH sport on EACH level. Seems Seaford Admin doesnt know how to do a concise breakdown and finnagles on that one. MY only suggestions to the SSMSS group is this- If you didint get clear documented proof of the actuals to fund last year pls get them this year and DONT take no or we dont do that for an answer. This is key for aLL residents as it defines HOW Seafords Administration manages OUR money.. Financial accountability is something that needs to be explored more indepth especially as it pertains to the SACRED atheltic budget . Now again i am going to raise the BAND CAMP Scenario - 10k - and yes it IS 10k for the one week int he summer. Thats 10k that the Board AND the administraiton could have swung towards the Ms sports program.
Lorraine DeVita September 09, 2012 at 01:01 PM
NOW AS TO CHEERLEADING- NYSED DOES NOT RECOGNIZE it as a Sport. So if you truly wanted to get your point across Cheer SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED in the dollars you need to raise for Fall sports, IT could be funded by an Activities budget line item leaving you THAT dollar amount to actually go toward Sports. Apparently i have had to spell this out for you because no one took the hints i have been laying out that CHEER isnt a SPORT, so in theory if it ISNT a recognized SPORT HOW can SEAFORD legitimaely fund HS CHEER in the Athletic Budget while NOT allowing RECOGNIZED SPORTS on the Ms Level in their budget? .As it ISNT a Recognized sport I would also check to see if it qualifies to insure there is no gender bias in the sports category thereby causing Seaford to be in violation of the TITLE requirements. . Can it be utilized as a title qualifier when it comes to gender BIAS in sports, but you need to check that out. Seaford parents Also bring up the FACt that we didnt/dont have a CERTIFIED PE DIRECTOR last year a STATE RQUIRMENT , we had/have an ACTING PE Director who in order to QUALIFY as ACTING MUST be ACTIVELY working towards the PE DIRECTOR& ADMN. Ceritifcation. IF that isnt happening then you ALSO have cause to throw a HUGE monkey wrench into ALL sports until you get some definitive FINANCIAL answers and some much misaligned funding restored to your bottom line.
Lorraine DeVita September 09, 2012 at 01:05 PM
The KEY here is the CHEERING DOLLARS -on BOTH the HS and Ms level.s if you feel strongly enough it should be no holes barred - GO for it and i hope that helps you meet your goals!
Lorraine DeVita September 09, 2012 at 01:16 PM
TO ALL SSMSS Parents, Chris is right, Seafords legal representation has SET precedent with their "opinions" regarding fund raising on line items NOT included and expressly EXCLUDED from the budget. So GET A LAWYER>ASAP. To place an injunction and hold order on ALL SPORTS FUNDING allocations if possible on ALL levels until this mess is spelled out legal & financialy . Fight fire with fire if you truly belive in your cause.


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