Save Seaford Sports Has Busy Summer Ahead

Organization holding large fundraiser at Mulcahy's this Saturday in kickoff to try and raise enough funds to restore cut middle school fall and winter athletic teams.

The Save Seaford Sports Committee has a busy summer ahead trying to raise funds needed to restore the fall and winter athletic teams not included in the district's 2012/13 budget. 

Seaford's $57.8 million budget includes funding for the Seaford Middle School spring season but not the fall and winter. Last year's contingency budget only funded the fall middle school season prompting the formation of Save Seaford Sports. The organization was successful in salvaging the winter sports season but  of being able to bring back the spring athletic teams.

Andrea Poole, who is coordinating fundraisers for Save Seaford Sports, said $135,500 is needed to restore the fall and winter middle school sports teams, which includes football, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and cheerleading.


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The first big Save Seaford Sports fundraiser for the summer will take place this Saturday at in Wantagh from the 3-6 p.m. Admission to the benefit is $50 and includes food, open bar and music from "The Attic". Tickets will be available at the door on Saturday or can be purchased in advance by contacting Poole at ampoole@optonline.net or George Kern at gvkern@verizon.net.

Save Seaford Sports also has a car wash fundraiser scheduled for July 21 at  on 3830 Merrick Road, Seaford from 11 a.m. to 4 pm. Other fundraisers are also planned in August as well. 

For further information on upcoming Save Seaford Sports fundraisers, log onto the group's website or Facebook page.

Joe July 10, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Good job guys! Could use a paypal link for those that would like to give that can't make it.
Lorraine DeVita July 12, 2012 at 01:21 PM
a Few suggestions for SSMS SPORTS- If you are a Tax exempt organization (which i hope you are) then you need to provide an itemized accounting of monies raised and donated- Inorder to facilitate YOUr meeting your fiduciary obligations YOU need equally as detailed itemized COSTs from the district to substanciate your fundraising efforts. DETAILED itemized costs so you can also raise the proper funding - a FULL breakdown Cost per student/athlete on YOUR level NOT an aproximation based on HS costs as they are substancially different. Transportaion, insurance, buildling use, equipment. uniforms, coaching , Organizational fee's, umpires, field use etc.ALSO some sports COSt more then others so you also need a detailed BREAKDOWN per athelete PER SPORT- Also when you DONATe your fundraising efforts you need to SPEFICALY designate that these funds are SOLELY for the use on the Ms LEVEL and no portion is to be used ANYWHERE else. ALSO if Students Are pulled UP to the HS from MS those costs/FUNDS are NOT to be moved up with them and should revert BACK to the MS level. Be VERY specific with your VERBAGE and YOUR insistence that the DISTRICt provide DETAIL specifc information pertaining SOLELY to the COST PER Student Athlete PER SPORT on the Ms level. Hey they have an AD let him earn his money and do the Math- you will prbably find you dont have to raise AS much as they say you need.
Lorraine DeVita July 12, 2012 at 01:21 PM
BECASUE according to NYSED regs, WHEN you donate the Money for Athletics unless the board agrees it is SOLEY to be used for MS sports and not moved up with athletes jumping into Hs sports from Ms they CAN and DO move YOUR funding up with them! just a heads up! Be detailed and specific and based on last years financial flimflam from the district watch that you dont get taken for a ride !


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