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Seaford Avenue School Referendum Approved

District voters give green light to a proposed $5 million 55 and older condominium development at former elementary school property.

Seaford School District voters have given their stamp of approval Wednesday to a proposed 55 and older condominium development at a former elementary school property.

Wednesday’s referendum on the $5 million Seaford Avenue School property sale to BK at Seaford, LLC was approved by 203 votes, 972 to 769. The approval paves the way for BK at Seaford, LLC, a subsidiary of The Engel Burman Group of Garden City, to construct 112 two-bedroom units on the 5.66-acre site at 2165 Seadord Ave. The developer now must obtain necessary zoning approvals from the Town of Hempstead before construction can begin on its planned "Seasons at Seaford" community. 

"This is a very good step forward," said Seaford Board of Education President Brian Fagan moments after the results were announced. "It is a long time coming." 

The Seaford Avenue School was closed by the district in 1981 and leased to Five Towns College until 1992 and then to Nassau BOCES until 2010. According to school officials, the sale’s approval will generate nearly $500,000 in additional tax revenue and save the district an estimated $100,000 on basic maintenance costs associated with the property.

Lorraine DeVita January 12, 2013 at 03:33 PM
@ James- yes i agree complacency has thrived in Seaford , however I think the Tide is turning - I am encouraged by the number of parents now questioning the priorities of the district and while we have seen improvements, we need as a community to insure the district stays focused. As taxpayers we need ot hold the district accountable for its priorities and expenditures which impacts the Value of homes . As parents your task is much greater you need to hold the Sd accountable for the quality of your childs education as well as establishing and voicing your need for quality education being the priority to the SD leadership. The more people question and hold the Sd leadership responsible and accountable the more likely we are to see improvements & progress.
Hilarity Jones January 12, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Lorraine, your incessant belittling of the BOE and parents of this community has become tiresome. I and most others find your constant barrage of negativity regarding this communities educational system truly remarkable. You have never provided anything positive, other than an occasional backhanded compliment, or a "maybe" we are making strides. Just because every parent does not go to BOE meetings and harrangue the board at every turn, like you do, does not make anyone complacent or uncencerned. You can not deny this as I have seen it first hand. Your consistant negativity regarding sports and music as inconsequential and overemphasized parts of the educational process is also over the top. Music and athletics have afforded many, many students in this district as well as all others the opportunity for exceptional collegiate careers that might not have been available to them otherwise. Sports and music are without a doubt the largest extracurricular activities offered at all schools, including your vaunted Catholic High Schools. Education does not suffer because of these programs, it is enhanced by them. So for my and everyone elses sake please stop. Your need to be heard from West Hempstead to Wantagh as the scion of negativity has grown old.and irrelevant. If you are unable to make your comments regarding education and the people and parents involved positive, please keep them to yourself.
ergodic January 12, 2013 at 11:05 PM
A review of the Grade 3-8 Composite PI data (12/27/12; 6:10pm) uncovered an error in some calculations. Though some numbers change, there is no effect on the previous commentary. the revised Gr 3-8 table follows: ---Dist-----------------Composite PI--------% proficient ------------------------2012------2011--------2012ELA ---Seaford----------176.4-----174.3----------74.1 --Wantagh----------180.7-----179.4----------78.2 Massapeq----------184.7-----180.3----------82.3 ----Jericho----------189.6-----189.0----------86.9 ----Nassau----------170.5-----169.6----------70.5 --NYS LowNeeds--------------------------------77.2 The above 4 districts are among those designated by NYSED as "Low Needs" (based on district's ability to meet needs of its students. Comparison with aver performance of Low Needs districts is therefore pertinent. It is also noted that the goal of NCLB was for all students to be proficient in reading & math in 2013-14. In May 2012, NYS was granted an esea-waiver from many NCLB rqmts; the current goal is to reduce the gap between each accountability group and a PI of 200 (baseline=2010-11) by half in 6 years (2016-17).
Patrick M January 17, 2013 at 04:39 AM
It is now 1/16 (more than a month after the vote) and the sign next to the Seaford Avenue School remains
Joe January 17, 2013 at 01:24 PM
I think that covered it in the nut shell!!


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