Seaford Manor Students Relive Revolutionary War Encampment

Elementary school delves into historical significance of 18th century event through its Living History Club.

Stepping back in time, 48 students dressed in Revolutionary War uniforms, slept in tents, marched, shot muskets and took a night walk carrying lanterns as they reenacted an 18th-century military encampment at their school.

The activity was the culminating event of the Living History Club, which meets throughout the year to read books about the Revolutionary War period and learn how to pitch tents, march and drill using the VonSteuben's manual for Revolutionary soldiers.  

With overnight gear in hand, the students were greeted by Sergeants Eleanor Turino and Francine Wood, Seaford Manor School library teachers and club advisors. The students were split into six companies, each with a specific task, ranging from armorers, who carried the musket boxes, to sappers and miners, who laid out the camp and pitched tents. The students also wrote in journals and learned how to tinsmith.  

Seaford resident Michael Goudket, master of music and adjunct general for the Huntington Militia, read a dispatch from General Washington to prepare the recruits for battle against the “redcoats.”

The recruits were also joined by Principal Debra Emmerich, Assistant Principal Patricia Gelling, and library aide Janet Capestany, as well as several parents. 



Chris Wendt June 04, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Here is another of Seaford's great programs! Bringing history to life in an wonderfully experiential way. Great job! (However, I consider this a true "teachable moment", but meanig for more than just the kids involved at the Manor School. It is, or it could be and should be, relevant to the building principals and school boards and kids all around Seaford Manor, including the Harbor, Wantagh Elementary, Mandalay, Forest Lake, East Broadway, etc. Wantagh and Seaford like to play each other in sports, so how about forming an elementary school History Club in Wantagh and one in Levittown, and next spring have Wantagh assume the role of the British and have a joint exercise competing with Seaford's Americans? Maybe the Harbor kids could assume the role of the Colonials' French allies, and if East Broadway (Levittown) joined in, they could be Hessian mercenaries assisting the British (Wantagh)? The following year they could reverse roles? Of course, they would have to take care not to change the course of recorded history!)


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