Seaford Middle School Fall Sports Season Saved

Save Seaford Sports Committee is able to raise necessary $62,000 by Monday night's deadline to restore athletic teams not included in budget.

The fall athletics season has been rescued from the brink.

Thanks to a , the Save Seaford Sports Committee was able to raise the necessary $62,000 needed by Monday night’s deadline to bring back the fall middle school sports not included in the district’s 2012/13 budget, which includes football, boys and girls soccer, field hockey and cheerleading. The deadline was originally Friday but by the school board after Save Seaford Sports began receiving a flurry of $100 donations from families to help achieve its fundraising goal.

“Save Seaford Sports wants to thank the community for all their support,” said Annmarie Lynch, co-founder of Save Seaford Sports. “You made this happen!”


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Seaford's $57.8 million budget  in May includes funding for the Seaford Middle School spring season but not the fall and winter. The 2011/12  only funded the fall middle school season, which prompted the . Last year's Save Seaford Sports fundraising efforts was enough to salvage the winter sports teams but  of being able to bring back the spring athletic teams. 

Save Seaford Sports will now be focusing its efforts toward restoring the Seaford Middle School winter athletic teams. For further information on upcoming Save Seaford Sports fundraisers, log onto the group’s website or Facebook page.

Lorraine DeVita September 13, 2012 at 12:28 AM
hmmmm? Me WRONG? possibly.... but on this one - nope chris i got this one right! Odd too that this was brought to the Baord & the Boards vote to approve this moving up as a district policy agter MUCH discussion I will conceed coincidently was JUST before this developed . Was something in the wind prior that even the board wasnt aware about?. What a co-inky-dink- lmao . MY question would be WHY did the JV players REFUSE to move up to Varsity thereby causing this whole MS student up to Varsity thing. Something we should know about? Let me guess they didnt want to break up the JV team? good excuse not buying it but good try..since when do we allow students to dictate school policy> This is a conundrum of MINOR proportions but an interesting conundrum none the less. Hopefully someone will either set the record stright and prove me wrong or the silence will be very telling indeed. That 600k ++Seaford HS Atheltic Budget and Department is one big black hole of non accountability.
Lorraine DeVita September 13, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Save Seaford schools, While I agree with you 100% it seems the vocal majority here seem to think that education here in Seaford is just fine and dandy . Matter of Fact Seaford HS despite not having much needed technology happened to be a school of record which means they made enough progress to beat the state average and close any grevious gaps in the last two years. . we are one of 167 schools give or take out of 254 give or take which only goes to show that SEAFORD STUDENTs have what it takes to excell.. so to continue with the priceless commerical theme going on in your post "IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES" if they were on an equal playing field educationaly with districts that HAD all the tools available ot them. Seaford students would KICK BUTT..
ki nonh September 17, 2012 at 07:10 PM
If there is a point here please state it and btw 6th grade does not participate in MS athletics
Roy September 26, 2012 at 07:56 PM
lorraine just to let you know ....There were quite a few middle school boys brought up to play lacrosse for the high school last year. That softball situation though just sounds wackyy . If there is not enough girls to field a varsity team then dont have a varsity team sounds like a money saver to me 7th graders playing against 12 graders thats just stupid
Lorraine DeVita September 27, 2012 at 01:52 AM
You know what really concerns me - THE PARENTS ALLOWING IT. The school is NOt oging to look out for your childs wellfare YOU should be. But unfortunately becaseu parents are FLATTERED that their child is being supposedly recognized as "talented" they dont realize that in some cases their child is being USED to field HS teams. Having two athletic kids (since grown) you have to understand that while the prestige of having your kid MOVE up to play on the varsity level is gratifying you are placing them in a situation that may prove to emotionaly and physically at risk. If your kid is THAT good then they can only get better progressing at their natural pace. DONT be so eager to PUSH.. AND the schools shouldnt be allowed to place these kids in potentialy harms way. There is a reason for MS level sports, JV sports and Varisity sports. Ironic they wont let 6th graders play with 7&8 graders but they will allow 7th graders to play with 12th graders Wheres the logic in one?


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