Seaford Middle School Winter II Sports Season Restored

Board of Education accepts $28,000 donation at meeting Thursday night that will be used to salvage previously cut athletics season.

The second half of the sports season has been salvaged. 

The Seaford Board of Education officially accepted a $28,000 donation to restore the previously cut Seaford Middle School winter II sports season at its Thursday night meeting. The donation was made possible thanks to the fundraising efforts of the group Save Seaford Sports, which during the summer with the aim of raising the $141,000 needed to restore the Seaford Middle School winter and spring athletic seasons after they were cut from the budget. The saved middle school winter sports covered under the $28,000 donation include girls basketball and wrestling.

“We’ve gotten so many generous, generous donations,” said Save Seaford Sports co-founder Maureen Kohler just prior to presenting the school board the $28,000 check. “The community really pulled together.”

Save Seaford Sports previously in the fall to restore the middle school winter I athletics season, which includes boys basketball, girls volleyball and cheerleading. The organization is now aiming to raise another $71,000, which would restore the spring middle school athletic season that starts in mid March.

Some of the Save Seaford Sports fundraising efforts the since last summer have included , a , , a , and . Three middle school fundraising parties are scheduled for Jan. 20, Feb. 10 and March 16 at the .

For regular updates from Save Seaford Sports, log onto the group's Facebook page.

Full-Time Mom January 06, 2012 at 06:40 PM
I believe the caption under the picture of Maureen Kohler and Toni Kocienda is incorrect. I believe it really SHOULD say "The Seaford board of education thanks the SOS for the $28,000. check to restore the middle school winter sports". Since when do we thank the district for taking our money?
Merrick7 January 06, 2012 at 07:29 PM
well I mean it is not the board's fault the district is running under a contingency budget. The voters turned down the budget and this is what got cut. The law forces all the unions to still get their raises and pay, even when a budget is voted down. The board wanted to keep sports on middle school level as well. But great job by the Save Seaford Sports group this is truly impressive fundraising!! Really shows a community that cares.
Chris Wendt January 07, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Re: "Since when do we thank the district for taking our money?" Excellent point. That would be tantamount to thanking them for cutting the sports program to begin with, you know, thus inspiring all the hard work and the hard-won successes of Save Seaford Sports. What you are seeing, presuming the caption is accurate, is known as the Stockholm Syndrome. It manifests itself by hostages thanking those who held them hostage for not killing them while in captivity.
Lorraine DeVita January 14, 2012 at 02:06 PM
I am torn over this issue, because as parent of a St. Williams graduate we didnt have middle school sports, my son played CYO basketball, Seaford Little league &Massapequa Mustangs football. He didnt miss something that wasnt offered because there were & still ARE viable alternatives & he went on to play and start Football & Track at Chaminade. That being said I can sympathize with & fully SUPPORT the parents & students of the Middle school who ANTICIPATED playing for their school when they reached Middle school. Now the question is cont'd financing do we as taxpayers ignor the alternatives that are available &continue to fund MS sports annually or do we as taxpayers say hey lets support EDUCATION & if there is enough funding available take the high road & offer intermural sports at that level to afford ALL students the opportunity to play rather then just a few. Thats my honest conflict. Please PLEASE let this Not take away from the extraordinary efforts of the Save Middle School sports & all their hard work. but exactly how many kids does this benefit & what about the kids who dont make the teams. are we short changing them in the long run? Can I also honestly assume that most every kid that is on the MS teams is also taking advantage of the CYO, Little league & football organizations that we have?While I wholeheartedly support Save MS sports I wonder would we see this effort if an educational program was cut? Yes i know i will get flack for this but I am torn..
Chris Wendt January 14, 2012 at 02:47 PM
NOT a Solomon's Choice, but a Hobson's Choice. Failure to plan and prioritize, but that horse is out of the barn. Looking things as they were in the precise moment in June when the budget defeat occurred, there were few choices on the menu of possible cuts. MS Sports was the Hobson's choice, closest to the door and easiest to afflict, the only choice where parents could come to the rescue and reverse the cruel cut...but later thank the school board for allowing them to do so! But there were other choices, and there should have been better choices, and there need to be still better choices made available to the BoE, by their own planning efforts, which have been terribly ineffectual in recent years. If Seaford is to continue to have a 7-12 Sports program, then they need to forecast the cost of having that program, and then prioritize that program on their LIST, meaning, money for future raises and for non-teaching positions needs to be prioritized below the money needed for programs including 7-12 Sports, Full-day Kindergarten, AP Courses, and maybe, an Intel Scholarship program. Likewise, the need to increase employee health care contributions (from ALL employees) needs to move UP on the priority list of necessary future goals. Wantagh & Seaford boards need to start thinking, talking, planning...and DOING some things together. A joint Intel Scholarship program? Two 'Magnet' schools (one each) to share? Consolidate Administrators?


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