Seaford MS Fall Athletics Restoration Efforts Down to the Wire

Save Seaford Sports in need of $31,000 by Sept. 5 to salvage middle school football, soccer, field hockey and cheerleading teams cut from budget.

The Save Seaford Sports Committee is down to the wire in its efforts to salvage the fall athletic teams not included in the district's 2012/13 budget. 

After fundraisers this summer by Save Seaford Sports, the organization is in need of $31,000 by Sept. 5 in order to restore middle school football, boys and girls soccer, field hockey and cheerleading. Seaford's $57.8 million budget  in May includes funding for the Seaford Middle School spring season but not the fall and winter. The 2011/12 only funded the fall middle school season, which prompted the . 

Last year's Save Seaford Sports fundraising efforts was enough to salvage the winter sports teams but  of being able to bring back the spring athletic teams. 

The Save Seaford Sports Committee sent an email Thursday updating the community on what is needed to assure fall middle school athletics takes place and how organizers are willing to make the donation process as seamless as possible such as picking up checks in person. Committee organizers said checks will only be cashed if the restoration of fall middle school sports is close to a reality. 

Donations to Save Seaford Sports can be mailed to Maureen Perez 1802 Park Drive Seaford, N.Y. 11783

For further information on Save Seaford Sports, log onto the group's website or Facebook page.


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