Seaford Residents Reject Proposed Budget

Board of Education trustees Brian Fagan and Richard DiBlasio re-elected, referendums defeated.

Seaford residents let their voices be heard Tuesday by voting down the school district’s proposed $55.2 million budget by a vote of 1,881 to 1,448.

The proposed budget increase was 2.92 percent and would have included a tax levy hike of 8.99 percent.  The average Seaford homeowner would have seen an increase of about $600 on their tax bills under the proposal, according to district officials.

The Seaford Board of Education must now decide whether to resubmit a revised budget proposal to the voters or operate under a contingency budget. According to New York State Education Law § 2007, a budget re-vote must be held the third Tuesday in June. If the budget is defeated twice, the board must adopt a contingency or "austerity" budget, which in Seaford’s case would mean a 2.26 percent increase from the district’s current spending plan.

Under a contingency budget the average Seaford homeowner would see about a $544 increase in their tax bill, according to district officials. The last time Seaford operated on a contingency budget was the 2005-06 school year.

Following the budget defeat the board scheduled a workshop meeting for this Monday to discuss whether to propose a revised budget to the voters on June 21. 

Seaford voters also re-elected incumbent board trustees Richard DiBlasio and Brian Fagan with 2,278 and 2,157  votes, respectively. The other candidate in the at-large race, Lauren Phillips, garnered 957 votes.

Also on the ballot were two referendums, which were both rejected. One referendum, which asked permission from voters to use $596,719 in remaining funds from the bond issued in 2007 to an access road at , received 1,604  no votes and 1,366 yes votes. The other referendum, which asked voters to modify mileage limits for middle and high school students, failed with 1,819 no votes and 1,098 voting yes.

"I'm speechless," said Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy after the results were announced. 

"We've got a lot of work ahead of us," added DiBlasio. 

Check back tomorrow for detailed coverage of the budget vote.

Mickey May 27, 2011 at 12:40 PM
P.R.- Just to make it clear- I am NOT a teacher in the Seaford-Wantagh district but I have worked for over a decade in another local district. Seaford teachers are known for their intense association with the student body- and their tireless work with underachievers, their dedication of time AND funds to assist the Seaford students so far and above that which most other districts teachers do for the kids. That is why I defend your SSD teachers with a passion. I have seen the lengths they go to to SAVE that struggling student! Hours of free tutoring and extra help- without asking for or expecting anything in return. So when I hear teacher bashing going on here- well- it just makes me sick to my stomach! And that's why I defend them here- and because they have too much class to get on here and tell you that themselves. The teachers are on the communities side- yet they are treated like the enemy! How about SUPPORTING them instead of bashing?
P.R. May 27, 2011 at 06:12 PM
Marilyn Sorry for misrepresenting you as a teacher. You make a claim of how intense our Seaford teachers are in going out of their way to help students. I will tip my hat a relative few here. Perhaps you have had an outstanding peprsonal experience you can share. In my overwhelming experience as a parent with children here, I have found many to be lazy, self-serving, immature, and incompetent to put it mildly. I don't know your relationship to Seaford teachers that you are defending, but my guess is there is one. I have no problem applauding deserving teachers, but this blanket worship to these didactic masters at the Seaford School District alter / hall of fame ....is vomit- inducing. This myth you are perpetuating is akin to Sasquash and Roswell aliens. Get real.
Mickey May 27, 2011 at 06:28 PM
WOW P.R.- you sure can dish it out! I'm sorry that you find such poor performance in SSD. I see that this Patch Blog is more of a whipping board for the staff that educates and cares for your towns children for so many hours a week. I feel sorry for you all- guess your glasses are half empty while mine is half full. Take care sunshine... hope you can find something positive somewhere in your schools.
Matthew Provenzano May 27, 2011 at 06:38 PM
John Kojack May 28, 2011 at 01:38 AM
So far I have been very satisfied in the teachers my Elementary child has had. I realize of course like in any other profession there is going to be a range from fair to outstanding..i do wish the district had more resources for computers and smart boards in every classroom. I really am shocked at how out-dated the elementary building looks inside. ....P.R. - sounds like you are one of those parents that no matter what is done your never happy or your trying to hide your incompetence as a parent, so you blame it on the Teachers then you can look yourself in the mirror everyday and say how wonderful of a Job your doing!...My wife and I identify our childrens weaknesses and address them with tutoring and enrichment summer programs to help fill any educational gaps or just to enrich their level of reading ,writing, math,ect...dont play the blame game...heh...maybe you had a bad experience..it happens..but i have seen too many disfunctional parents trying to hide their poor parenting skills and blame others! Try enrolling in a parenting workshop and swallow some of that P.R. pride to better your childrens future...goodluck
Lorraine DeVita May 30, 2011 at 01:33 PM
Kevin, I hope you dont bully your wife or try to intimidate her like you try to do to so many who disagree with your opinion. You call classless someone who questions the placement of individuals into positions who have no experience, yet I would wager if an unqualified uneducated individual was hired to replace your wife you would be the FIRST to make a stink.As someone who is HIGHLY qualified to question the IT directors qualfications, suggestions, and salary , let me explain. You never place an individual incharge of IT who has no background or qualifications or no training.Especially for a bloated salary of 140k + per annum. NOT done in ANY field . Poor management decision. Which costs us money. If you want to give your friend a job make him the lead janitor because the garbage he was spouting was incredible. NO IT budget line item should have been approved because the mismanagement of the department is highly suspect and when he spouts VERBATUM the exact words I said to Conboy 3 hours before the meeting I am even more suspect. It was the Dog and Pony IT show.
Lorraine DeVita May 30, 2011 at 01:53 PM
I have encountered a few individuals who for reasons unknown to the qualified have been placed in positions that have caused more harm and increased spending due to their lack of knowledge. ANYone can spout what the vendor tells them. These are individuals who are vendor dependent because they lack the expertise . They rely on Vendors to inform them and guide them. Unfortunately Vendors are going to sell them the products and services THEY are familiar with and in most cases are not the best reliable source of information. If you woulkd like a quick tutorial on Virtualization and blade servers I will be more then happy to oblige , however, it seems our IT director needs it more then you do. Addituionally, the cost to overhaul the infrastructure (wiring) is NOT an equipment line item it is a Capital improvement expenditure , and should be line itemed as such Mr Aldrige should know that. Before we can utilize this blade server we need to upgrade the wiring throughout the district to accomodate it. Not a cheap undertaking. You can not LEASE wiring . So the district would have to absorb the cost. The reason you can not LEASE wiring is because the leasing company can not recoup the wiring if the leasee defaults on the lease payment as it can with the hardware. Did someone forget to explain that? Where was THAt money coming from? If you think the Vendor was going to absorb the cost of the wiring for free then think again.
Lorraine DeVita May 30, 2011 at 02:11 PM
We have individuals in MANY positions who are unqualified , have no expirence and who are receiving salaries commiserate with indivudals who ARE qualified and experienced. Why? It was stated We have the lowest paid superintendent. Perhaps because he is the only Sup on LI with NO previous Sup. experience! We have assistant Principals who again have NO experience but are getting salaries commiserate with those who HAVE experience. We have an Assist. Principal for elemenatary schools that districts with MORE students on the elementary level do NOT have ? If you eliminated 3 admin positions we wouldnt need to eliminate MS sports yr round wouldnt need to Eliminate 2 teachers. But then again I am classless,uneducated and clueless so what do I know about running a fiscally sound business .. oops wait a minute I did run one for 20 +years! You can go line item by line item and reduce the current budget by an additional 15% guaranteed! but this board and sup dont want to .. WHY? Perhaps it would annoy friends old alliances? We are in the business of educating the students not giving buddies positions or making sure their jobs are untouchable at the EXPENSE of the students and the taxpayers. We have a sup of business who has allowed a specfic line item with a specific budgeted amount to run nearly double the amount budgeted. We also have specific budgeted amounts moving across line items. NOT good business.
Lorraine DeVita May 30, 2011 at 02:21 PM
Did we get screwed by Albany Of course no one is denying that. Can we do better in managing our monies YES. Can we spend monies more efficiently. Yes. The entire premise of Albany decreasing fund to education was to insure the exisiting monies were spent wisely. We got a smack upside the head . So instead of taking the wake up call this school district which was ill prepared , and ill advised and mismanged decided not to head the call and continue with business as usual. Crying how much we got screwed and abused. If you get less you SPEND less. This community can not afford to be mismanaged it needs to account for every dime make sure every penny is spent appropriately to support Education not the good ol boy club. When we start adhering to good management principals and pay strict attention to accountability ,qualifications and results then perhaps we can have a budget that addresses the needs of both the student and the community.
Tom The Tax Payer May 30, 2011 at 02:53 PM
Lorraine you made several sound points. First off all we as a community have little effect on changing Albany's cutting back on Long Islands school tax share. I think it is terrible, but I realize they did it to everyone. It hurt us bad because we are a very very low commercial tax base. NOW seeing that what we can do as a school district is make proper cuts to out fat. We donot need those assistant principals at the elementary level. Mrs Portonova ran that school alone for 15 years. Im sure she would have like an assistant also. WHY does our High School have TWO assistant principals?? Look at the nearby districts with larger student populations that have one assistant. I AGREE- cut the bloat and keep the kids teachers and sports if possible. We have friends "lookin out for friends" from the Administration level. Mr. Conboy is gonna have to put his helmet on and get in the game. He is paid to make tough decisions. The failing of the Budget was a message from the tax payers to the Board and Administrators . People know they're taxes are going up either way. They just want a change in how we operate here. AND I donot think paying for sports camps, band camp, or other extra for select groups is a horrible idea. Plenty of parents do. Lets remain civil to each other. This is our town.
John Kojack May 31, 2011 at 02:53 AM
Tom ypu can make a difference in Albany as a taxpayer if before budget time you e-mail, write, and call your local government and do your part in requesting retoring funds back to LI schools. If every Taxpayer did this, then there would be enormous pressure on these government officials to take a deeper look into educational cuts....LORRAINE...point well taken about running the School administration with a cost effective goal..I do agree in many elementary schools the same size there is no Assistant Principal and disipline can not be up that much to justify a second administrator on this level...as far as the High School, I can see having a second AP with the increasing demands of state testing, disipline issues, parent concerns, larger population of special needs students, change in teacher evaluations and more complex master scheduling...most high schools have a few Deans of disipline to take this tremendous burden off the Assistant Principals...Some States have pay as you play for sports and advanced AP courses...losing staff and raising class sizes does not benefit the educational process at all..Albany and the FEDS need to step up next year...
Lorraine DeVita May 31, 2011 at 03:16 AM
Losing staff and increasing class size is never the answer it has a detrimental impact on the quality of education. Ass't P's in high school are much need but no one seems to have a rational explaination why the chair of the reading department was promoted and is now the ass't principal in both elementary schools . No one has a viable understandbale rational explaination why a Seaford HS math teacher was promoted to IT Director with no IT experience no qualifications and no administrative background. He has since become an adminstrator on our dime i believe. He is not a CNE he is not proficient yet he is making IT decisions , recommendations and requesting budget line items that are beyond ridiculous again no one has a plausible explaination nor does anyone on the Board nor on the Admin staff have the knowledge to question him. Is he becoming educated on our dime also? Its like the blind leading the blind and we pay for it dearly as do the students. We have a Business sup. who is uncorfortable using Excell, prefers a calculator and has no control over the spending of the district. Apparently it just happens that we go over budget on several line items REPEATEDLY. We have mismanagemnt at every corner and no one wants to address those facts , instead of cutting teaching staff why not cut admin staff demote individuals, cut salary of unqualified individuals or better yet horror of horrors hire qualified individuals.
Lorraine DeVita May 31, 2011 at 03:36 AM
As to negotiating with the bargaining units. The contracts that we currently have in place were not written on stone tablets and handed down from a higher being . Our illustrious boards over the years have given away more then we can afford to pay. There was never any insight given to the backend of these contracts, ie benefits, pensions etc. and while Senior seaford teachers may be a wee bit lower on the scale their benefits rival the highest paid teachers if not eclipse them. They accepted the terms. No one has gun to their head to stay. Other districts ARE hiring contrary to previous statements. There is a lot going on in Albany as it pertains to education. the Board of Regents is now emposing a new stricter standard for Teacher and principal evaluations. This is going to cost us also but no one is paying attention we need people who are QUALIFIED to DO the evals . What good are new stricter standards if the person evaluating you is your previous peer and friend? Objectivity is not synonomous with Seaford Schools. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE THESE JOBS? no one wants to address this fact ! WHY ? Why are we granting tenure when the standards for tenure are being changed? WHY is everyone only concerned about preserving what we have with no thought given to WHAT WE COULD HAVE if we spent wisely. No one is accountable and no one cares.. This budget is a sham, I am so disappointed in ALL the board members . Rich and Brian you are a BIG disappointment!
Wayne Smith May 31, 2011 at 09:39 AM
I agree that if "every taxpayer" contacted their representatives in Albany, we might actually get somebody up there to listen. But the reality is that every taxpayer won't do this, and speaking as a taxpayer who is a serial emailer and phone caller when it comes to our friends in Albany, I can tell you that the typical response is no response. As I noted in the last school board meeting the only time I ever got somebody to respond to me is when I literally went to Fuschillo's office, and it was evident from that interaction that there's a view that the tendency of local school boards to blame Albany is overdone, and that more needs to be done at a local level to address the bloat in school budgets. Finally, it's not as if either Fuschillo or McDonough are unaware of what's going in Seaford but have they addressed this at all with the community? To my knowledge, both have been totally silent when it comes to the huge spike we're now seeing in property taxes and the part the state had in creating this situation. Neither have either of them commented on the behavior of the UTS, or community frustration with the way the budget has been eviscerated to the detriment of students. As a taxpayer, I consider myself an equal opportunity critic and from my perspecitve neither Albany nor local school boards are blameless.
Wayne Smith May 31, 2011 at 12:33 PM
The school district web site is today announcing that there will be a hearing on the revised budget June 14. I must admit, that when I saw this I could feel my blood start to boil since the Board has already decided what will be put to voters on June 21. After all, "hearings" are usually held before a decision gets made, right? Wrong. If I've done my research correctly, the process of having a hearing after a budget has already been decided is specifically what State Education Law requires. (Full disclosure: I'm not a lawyer, nor have I ever aspired to be one, but I can read the English language.) So the BOE is simply doing what the law requires. And indeed, as I started to think about it, every "hearing" that I can recall that we've ever had has always been after the fact when it comes to a budget decision. Guess I'm slow out of the chute on this one. Chalk this up to another thing wrong with the way school budgets are approved. So now, we'll end up with a revised budget proposal that's just a shade different from what was originally proposed and a shade different from a contingency budget. What this process doesn't provide is anything in the way of real choice. If you're someone who happens to believe that especially in this economy, tax increase should not, under any circumstances, stray far from the rate of inflation, you are now effectively disenfranchised as a voter. Little wonder voter turnout ends up being so paltry and cyncism so prevalent.
Lorraine DeVita May 31, 2011 at 01:06 PM
I am going to harp- Director of IT- would someone ANYONE please explain to me WHY this position is currently being held by an individual who is NOT qualified? Why isnt there a hue and cry for fiscal responsibility when it comes to hiring people? I have just sent the BOE and Mr. Conboy a current job ad for a Direcor of IT in the field of education- Experience required 10-15 years Salary 115K qualifications are numerous - Why are WE paying 130+ with NO experience and No qualifications? We dont need to cut educational resources we NEED to address hiring practices and establish a sound fiscally responsibile method of seeking the best candidates for all job levels at the best salary line commiserate with their experience. OR do we practice who owes who a favor, or what skeletons are in the closet method of hiring ? A response is needed!
Tom the Tax Payer (Yes On LIRR) May 31, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Lorraine your starting to sound like you were denied the job. Is this the biggest issue you have with this mess of a budget? LOL. You have made dozens of great points all month but you have whipped this horse dead. Conboy dont care what you think.
Lorraine DeVita June 02, 2011 at 11:50 AM
The point of the matter AND my harping is simply. We dont spend money wisely, we have people in positions that they are unqualified for and we pay them above average salaries! The IT position is BUt one of many! I harp on IT because I am qualified to harp about IT. Its an example ! Mis management includes not seeking the right individuals at the right title and salary for positions. How can we as taxpayers moan and groan about this "MESS" Seaford is in, Have former Board members pontificating about the merits of our judicious spending over the years when we just hand over 100k ++ jobs to individuals who dont have any experience or background? Its like the oxymoron of hiring practices - lets find the LEAST qualfied people and give them 130k a year. Spending money wisely is the mantra from Albany - make sure every dollar you get is spent with one goal in mind improved quality education. Mr. Brooks had a wealth of information some of it very relevant. However to stand there and tell us go to our representatives and fight the battle in albany, do not pass judgement here, they are doing everything in their power is BS! His comment re:" Conboy is the lowest paid Sup in Nassau". Perhaps Mr. Brooks Becasue he is the least Senior Sup in Nassau with the least experience? Make that NO expereince ! con't
Lorraine DeVita June 02, 2011 at 12:33 PM
Conboy could be a great sup in a few years , his dedication to the Students is unwaivering, however, A great leader. mananger needs to surround himself senior advisors, individulas who are expert /extrmely knowledgeable in specific areas , affording him the opportunity to rely on their expertise and input to allow him to make informed decisions. Is it good business sense to have to rely on individuals giving you information who arent qualified? We have quite frankly the in experienced surrounding him and we are paying dearly for it in more ways then one. Plus we have a few left overs with some less then stellar performances under their belts. It irks me becasue Conboy has a lot of great potential becauses he DOES care, because he is homegrown , but he needs to surround himself with individuals who he can rely on to insure that the decisions he makes are based on the input of experienced qualified knowledgable individuals otherwise the decisions he makes may not be the best ones . By NOt having the BEST team He is limiting himself , this community and the students ! We can not afford that! But we have been paying for it ! Yes Mr Brooks Albany is wrong on so many levels however Seaford must shoulder the blame for poor choices no matter how thrifty they were. And yes Tom I harp ,no I dont want the job I want to shake people by the shoulders WAKE UP start realizing we CAN do more with less! We just need to make the right choices!
pete June 04, 2011 at 03:09 AM
The June 14 Budget hearing is it at the High School or at the Manor School? The Seaford http://www.seaford.k12.ny.us/160010117121418397/site/default.asp http://www.seaford.k12.ny.us/160010117121418397/cwp/browse.asp?a=3&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&c=54418&160010117121418397Nav=|&NodeID=177 http://www.seaford.k12.ny.us/160010117121418397/icalsw/calendar.asp?Cal=em&160010117121418397Nav=|&NodeID=70 Website indicates that it’s in both locations, more confusion for the voters. Is their a BOE meeting on June 16, according to the website a meeting is scheduled for the 16th. Just think I spend all this money and the BOE can’t get this correct.
pete June 04, 2011 at 03:19 AM
I would like to know when is the teacher contract up? When does the BOE talk about the new contract? Do we the voters get to sit on the talks and or negotiation of the contract or is it behind closed doors. I did hear rumors about an emergency secret meeting on a Sunday for the past teachers contract could someone explain this. Is the union head at these meetings? I would love to see the monkey business that goes on at these meetings.
Wayne Smith June 04, 2011 at 09:59 AM
Pete - The current contract was approved just about a year ago and has a three year term. It expires June 30,2013. As per a number of interactions I had with the Board last year, the community gets to offer input on the contract ahead of negotiations, but plays no direct role in those negotiations. In addition, contract details are revealed to the community only after they've been finalized with the union, voted on by the rank and file, and are about to be approved by the BOE. The Sunday morning meeting you've heard about took place last year on graduation Sunday. This was a meeting the BOE convened in order to approve the contract. While the letter of the law concerning public notice requirements for such a meeting were apparently met, the reality is that few in the community knew this meeting was happening. I think it's fair to say that a number of people in the community were pretty upset by what was viewed as a high-handed tactic by the Board, intended to keep the community out of the loop. The Board claimed that there were scheduling concerns. Let me acknowledge that I was one of the people who was upset about this meeting and the way the negotation process was conducted. In fact, I'm still pretty fried about it, especially when I consider my 8+% tax increase this year and the union's recent intransigence. In my view, approving this contract was a horrendous decision in this economy, which based on the most recent data, is not getting any better.
Wayne Smith June 04, 2011 at 10:01 AM
Petee - yeah, this is confusing. Usually, they have budget hearing meetings in the HS auditorium, so if I had to pick I'd say that's where it would be.
Roberta Grogan June 04, 2011 at 10:43 AM
Hey Wayne, I just wanted to clear something up. Not that it matters at this point. Before I do though, I would like to thank you for your tireless commitment to our community. I am well aware of your dedication and the hours you have spent on behalf of all of us working toward solutions and sound budgetary recommendations. I am also very aware of how much effort you have exhibited to get "good info" out there...it is just great...thank you. That being said, I must just take sligth exception to your characterization that the "letter of the law concerning public notice requirements for such a meeting were apparently met." The only matter Bob Freeman of the NYS Office of Open Meetings opined on was the compliance with regs of the BOE as they adjourned into Executive Session, which was memorialized based on minutes submitted after that meeting, which reflected(in quite a creative way that did not seem to those pesent to reflect how things actually occurred). There was never an opinion sought on if appropriate public notice was given or if the conditions of calling the meeting that morning warranted the "emergency" status it was called using. No opinion was requested because, it was clear that both of those matters the BOE did not meet the muster of Open Meetings Law, but the remedy to those two instances would not change anything. A decsion or contract executed in an improperly convened Executive Session could be over turned thus the creative writing minutes.
Wayne Smith June 04, 2011 at 10:57 AM
Roberta - I'll defer to you on this. I guess my assumption was that the Board's legal counsel would have ensured that they were in compliance with these kinds of provisions, but I certainly don't claim expertise in these matters. Clearly, any way you slice it, the intent was to avoid public scrutiny and public involvement in the process and there are many people in Seaford who remain outraged by this.
pete June 04, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Not sure how the negotiations work with the unions you know the nuts and bolts. Please explain to me why the public always gets the short end of the stick. What do the unions have over the tax payer that the unions always get what they want. The board members who get to vote for the contract how many of them have a family member who is an employee of a school and/or part of a union? I would like to know when I’m listening to these board member talk which ones are talking out of the side of their mouths. Brian W. Fagan, President Richard G. DiBlasio, Vice President John DelGiudice, Trustee Bruce Kahn, Trustee Michael D. Sapraicone, Trustee The meeting before the school budget vote what board member said that outrageous statement to the elderly man; “The reason you keep seeing all the for-sale signs on peoples front lawns is not because the high taxes it’s because old people who own home keep dying”. I was shocked when he said that.
Karen Cummings June 04, 2011 at 01:10 PM
Pete, contract negotiations goes like this. In the past the union (of which ever contract is being discussed, teachers, secretary, custodians, ect) meets with the school attorney and the Sup. of Business., in the past the boe has sent them in for first time with the areas that the boe would like negotiated ex. health insurance. The attorney can be any attorney from the firm we use it does not have to be the one who comes to BOE meetings, the boe can request a perticular one from the firm if they feel that would be better for the negotiations. Then the attorney and Sup of Business go back to the boe with the groups wants and what they will give back so to speak if anything. The boe then sends these two back with the okay for this , no for that, do better with this ect. If can be a short amount of time or it can go on forever. Also, the past sup of business was hard to negotiate with; is what I heard from one of the unions... Can't say if the new sup of business is the same or a push over. But the Boe has the final say. Although, a person can only be as effective as the information they are receiving. hope that helps. Also that sunday meeting, rumor has it that a teacher fan had just lost the election for boe, so the 3 that were teacher fans wanted to get the contract through before the new elected boe members were on.
pete June 04, 2011 at 01:25 PM
"Also that sunday meeting, rumor has it that a teacher fan had just lost the election for boe, so the 3 that were teacher fans wanted to get the contract through before the new elected boe members were on." Is that BOE member have a family member who is a teacher. What happens if the BOE played hardball and gave nothing the the teachers union, could the teachers go on strike?
Karen Cummings June 04, 2011 at 02:01 PM
He won the election so he would have been on new boe anyway, but the other one lost, The teachers work with out a contract, so to speak. I think the expired contract may stay in place until a re negotiation is done, but NOT QUITE SURE ON THAT. It happened once before that I know of. They wear the black no contract shirts, they picket in front of the schools, when the parents go to concerts, ect. My kids were elementry then, no class partys for holidays, no pictures on the walls, no field trips. They even picketed in front of BOE members houses. I guess it comes down to who is tougher the BOE or the teachers union, and can the parents handle it.
Lorraine DeVita June 04, 2011 at 02:05 PM
NO they can not go on strike. They can and HAVE in the past done some pretty tastless things to show their anger. However they and the district will have to abide by the current or expired contract in place until a new contract is negotiated. Which for the teachers wouldnt be such a BAD thing becasue retribution is a bitch and they know it. Better the current contract than the one they KNOW is coming down the turnpike. SO dont look to see any swift movement in 2013. As to WHICH board member has a Teacher spouse that would be Mr Delguidice. You all know my feelings on that matter and his ethics. The Current issue at hand is now the REVOTE . LETS be clear here NO significant moves were made by the Board to make this NEW budget less painful. We are still going to see increases over $500 + and they literally RAPED Special ED (you know those the children of the district no one seems to care about except their parents) , lost a few teachers, middle school sports are eliminated for two seasons but KEPT Band CAMP! Shows you once again where the collective heads of the Administration are! And everyone save for Conboy and Strifilino are happily spending their negotiated increases and raises and giving us the collective bargaining finger. Because in UTS's mind THEY DESERVE IT more then community and the students. And be prepared to hear ad nauseum how albany and the economy is to blame not the wonderful caring , underappreciated and in their mind STILL under paid UTS.


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