Seaford School Board Approves Varsity Cheerleading Trip

Cheerleaders will be competing in the Universal Cheerleading Association Nationals Competition at Disney World.

After discussion was put on hold at the district's July 19 meeting, the Seaford Board of Education approved a varsity cheerleading field trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. for the Universal Cheerleading Association Nationals Competition in February 2013.

When the trip was first proposed, board members were worried about issues such as security and supervision, but varsity coach Lisa Ferrari was able to rid those concerns, securing ample adult chaperones in addition to a male security guard.

Before declaring its approval, the board had a few final details to sort out. Trustee Bruce Khan raised a question about the amount of people traveling, considering the trip was proposed for 28 people but 29 airline tickets are on hold.

"We put a deposit down for an extra seat in case of an injury, or in case someone gets pulled up from JV," Ferrari answered. "I spoke to the Disney representatives and they allow you to place five people in a four person room if need be. We can always take an extra parent chaperone if not, but the ticket's not paid for. A $50 deposit was paid to hold it."

Khan also questioned the road to Florida and whether or not the student athletes would be missing class to compete in the qualifying events.

"We are entering the Toms River and the Hofstra competitions right now," said Ferrari, a district social studies teacher. "If something happens, if we don't receive the bid, we can ask the Universal Cheerleading Association to get into the Poconos Regional. I don't foresee that happening, as we could've just received a bid at cheerleading camp this past week but we wanted to compete with the schools."

"All competitions take place on the weekends," she added. "Disney is an exception, but besides that, everything takes place on Saturday and Sunday. This is my fifth year coaching and none of the girls have missed a day of school for cheerleading before."

The Seaford cheerleading squad has not made the trip down to Florida in more than a decade. The trip will be paid for through fundraising efforts. 

aeb21252 August 16, 2012 at 09:43 PM
It's incredible how IGNORANT all of the very educated people are being right now. This trip involves SEAFORD STUDENTS, SEAFORD TEACHERS, AND A SEAFORD SPORTS TEAM (regardless of what you say Lorraine, they are considered a sports team at Seaford) of course it has to be approved by the board. Even if this trip isn't as important as other things, it still had to be approved. And Lorraine don't you dare go on about being SELFISH and SPOILED, because I remember seeing you sitting in front of your house, in a lawn chair, in your pajamas during the RECONSTRUCTION OF THE LIBRARY because you didn't want them in front of your house. GOD FORBID that the construction to fix the library INTERRUPTED your life for a little bit. The cheerleaders constantly pay out of pocket for every. When they needed new uniforms, the payed for them themselves And isn't the board putting a sanction on FUNDRAISING a giant misuse of power and an even BIGGER WASTE OF TIME. ALL of these comments are putting a horrible cloud over the AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT OF THE CHEERLEADERS. You should all be ASHAMED. Regardless of the one post you may make to give praise, the 10 OTHERS you write CONDEMNING the trip is despicable. The cheerleaders work harder than any sport at Seaford. I wasn't even a cheerleader and I can see that.
Lorraine DeVita August 17, 2012 at 02:05 AM
AEB- get your information straight sweetheart- I was PROTESTING the reconstruction of TOWN of HEMPSTEAD Parking LOT not being Reconfigured as was discussed with the neighbors on the block AND the Library .to avoid & eliminate the constant DRIVE thrus to bypass traffic lights on Merrick Rd.and i wasnt on my lawn dahling I was planted right smack IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CONSTRUCTION site and in a NIGHTGOWN not Pjs's (i dont OWN PJ's) - Had nothing to do with being inconvienenced it had to do with Ms Murray et al lying thru there teeth once again.. as to the cheerleaders I gave them their due and best wishes BUT My comments ARENT JUST about the Cheerleaders its about ALL sports participants AND Parents AND boosters who constantly fund raise this community to DEATH .they ARE seflish and spoiled and feel entitled and are only concerned about themselves. Like i stated you want for your kids then whip out your checkbook, Seaford is TAXED to death we shouldnt have to constantly be baraged with these kids WANTS> Your kid YOU PAY. We pay to EDUCATE .. No one is taking away from their accomplishment but pls stop CRYINg about how much they pay out of pocket. we pay a hell of alot more OUT OF POCKEt to educate and give them the PRIVILEDGE of having the opportunity to BE a cheerleader. i stated before i would love a trip to europe for 3 months Are YOU going to donate to For MY trip? I WANT a new pair of Manolos do the sports teams want to contribute ?
Lorraine DeVita August 17, 2012 at 02:35 AM
If we as a community paid as MUCH attention to EDUCATION raised as much of a stink about the QUALITY as we do for sports then we wouldnt BE lower middle of the road medicore. FOCUS on EDUCATION make it THE priority and GRASP the concept that SPORTs ARENT going to be anything MORE then a FEEL good moment for you & your kid while it does have positive aspects bottom line is it doesnt PAY the bills.We as taxpayers and residents need to be as fierce with cuts to education as some are to cuts in after school activites. I dont know the answer but how many of the cheerleaders or sports participants are honor society members, how many do charity work how many contribute to worthy causes what SELFLESS ACTs have ANY of theses kids NOT just the cheerleaders undertaken? I hope they have.. have ANY of them roaming the streets including the booster club contributed to the MS Sports fund raisers.. have THEY helped their younger neighbors and students?have they SELFLESSLY said wait a minute they dont get to even play what can I do to help them? Do they look at kids who DONT have money to pay for college and organized & contributed to a STUDENT run scholarship fundraising effort? What have they gone without to insure someone more deserving or needy HAS ? and BTW if its not sports its the BAND ....
Chris Wendt August 17, 2012 at 10:11 AM
@ aeb21252 re: "Even if this trip isn't as important as other things, it still had to be approved." Yes, by the AD, the HS principal and the Superintendent. The Board hired the Superintendent and pays him good money to handle these kind of operational decisions, within the precepts of policy (which the Board is responsible to establish but not to administer) and the budget (which the Board is responsible to set, but not to administer). The article was more about the Board's (wholly unnecessary) involvement in the details of approving the trip than it was about the accomplishment of this sports team for earning the distinction of going on the trip.
Lorraine DeVita August 17, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Chris, you know as well as i do that SOME funding will be coming from the district. What no one wants anyone to realize is - There ARE as a school associated trip INSURANCE costs, Coaches stipends/OT- etc. all money We are paying in our oh so tight budget that doesnt have room for a new kindergarten teacher but we miracles of miracles find these less costly funds available to accomodate NON educational items. This plus the cost to take 102 kids to SEE the Band March on St. Pats Day.PLUS the COSt for the BAND to march as well! These costs are NOT all paid for by the parents or fundraising. but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont spread that around we arent supposed to know that.....These were ALREADY in the budget and Chris is right this is pure BS and puffery by the Board and CYA by the SUP and when you CALL them on it THEY lie right to your face .. Thats whats even more exasperating.
Seaford Resident August 18, 2012 at 01:22 AM
I can assure you that the cheerleaders are very smart and do focus on education. Most of these girls are in honors classes and A.P. classes and attain a high GPA even while participating in this sport. The cheerleaders as well as any sport's players volunteer quite a lot not only for themselves but with their team. The cheerleaders helped the Save Seaford Sports fundraisers as well and made it a point to everyone that Middle School and High School sports are one big family and the Middle School is the basis for JV and Varsity. The cheerleaders participate in ACT (Ambassador Cheer Team) the cheerleaders collect food, supplies, and toys for the less fortunate. The cheerleaders do their part no matter where it is needed or WANTED. SEAFORD CHEERLEADERS ARE NOT IN ANY WAY SPOILED. Everything that has been received has been worked for and achieved through their own efforts and not from a school grant. Do you realize the extent of this trip? To put SEAFORD AS A COMMUNITY on the map on a NATIONAL level. This isn't some waste of time competition. To get to Nationals is a huge accomplishment and shouldn't be looked over. Only the best of the best compete at the National Level and to be considered isn't something to just look over and say "no" to. Not to mention the countless first places the teams has received and JV being recognized as the fifth best team on Long Island at their first ever visit to finals. The cheerleaders do everything by themselves and only ask for support.
Seaford Resident August 18, 2012 at 01:31 AM
I'm sorry, have you not read that in NYS Cheerleading is a sport and has nationally been recognized as the highest impact sport and the most dangerous? Cheerleaders succeed football and do it WITHOUT A HELMET. I would LOVE to see you attempt to lift someone your weight or HEAVIER above your head and hold them there while they do tricks and twists an defy gravity. The reaction you would have when you get the first foot to your face and realize you don't stop as the football players do. You keep going and work through the pain as long as its not a bad injury. Try to throw these ladies twenty feet in the air let them hit tricks and twist down at a high speed and still catch them no matter what. As cheerleaders, there is much more expected then to hold poms and wave them around at boys as run down the field with a football in their hand. And sports are proven to AID in scholastics. There is less stress involved in the long run and get to experience perseverance and responsibility which reflects in school work. And have you ever thought, maybe some parents cannot afford to write out THOUSANDS of dollars? Not every one here can afford that. And yes, you ARE taking away from the glorious accomplishment that these ladies have achieved. PLEASE for once just say "good for them" and let these ladies achieve what they have worked YEARS for. No one has said you NEED to participate in the fundraising so please don't get defensive over it, they are trying the best they can.
Lorraine DeVita August 18, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Seaford resident, Again this ISNT JUSt about the Cheer squad it is about Seafords youth in general & the mind set of the Board /Administration. What this squad has accomplished is a testament to their hard work, & i appologize if my thread has taken away from that which i can see it has. HOWEVER i do have to stand by the fact that YOU as a PARENT should foot the bill for this trip NOT the community . I cant say enough times or loud enough we pay for their education it is NOT our reposnsibiltiy REGARDLESS of the level of prestige etc. Bottom line this is not an educational function, we have educational needs that are continuously overlooked yet all we get is kids hawking car washing, knocking on doors etc for more and more money for Sports & Band etc. for things THEY personaly want or feel they must have / need. YOUR kid YOUR dime - thats my stance & i HOPE the stance of many others in this community. That is NOT taking away from their accomplishement and hard work that is just drawing a line in the sand & saying enough is enough if you truly want it then it is your parents responsibility to pay for it.not the communities. as to putting Seaford on the map .. is that truly what this is about or these girls finally reaching their goal , wanting everyone ELSE to pay for it Seaford isnt going to WIN anything.except bragging rights for a fast few months while the girls & their families will treasure this for a while. a kodak moment that the parents should foot the bill for.
Lorraine DeVita August 18, 2012 at 02:04 AM
I think i can speak for everyone when i say SEAFORD supports them - EMOTIONALY and we wish them well. . As for financial support - here i speak for myself - GO ASK MOMMY AND DADDY who are ALSO looking for our money so they TOOO can go on our dime .... The Cheer squad and their FAMILIES and the teachers and the whomevers TRIP TO DISNEY is not on the Top of MY financial donation priority list actually it doesnt even MAKE the list/ let them use their college fund or call the relatives or even take out a loan etc. becaseu we ALL know every parent on that squad will ALSO be down there. as well as any siblings and the less THEY have to pay for their cheer kid the better time they will be able to have. so please dont insult us all by saying putting Seaford on the map..... thats the least of your concerns.
Seaford Resident August 19, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Not only is this for putting Seaford as both a scholastic school and athletic school on the map, it provides opportunities for these boys and girls. Athletic scholarships can be given to these boys and girls as well. ONCE AGAIN YOU SPECIFICALLY WERE NOT ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FUNDRAISING. So if you disagree with the cause to fund, please don't say any more about it. EVERY SPORT IN SEAFORD IS FUNDED EXCEPT CHEERLEADING.
Lorraine DeVita August 19, 2012 at 12:37 PM
@ Seaford resident- Pls Explain your statements regarding : Exactly HOW this puts us EDUCATIONALY on the map? How are "other" sports funded and cheerleading is NOT? Cheering IS funded by My TAX dollars as well as everyone elses in this community. And rest assured i am not saying i dont want them to go I DO want them to go, i think it would be a wonderful experience for them as well as possibly showcasing their talents to college scouts.BUT and this is my complaint - THIS is about WHO should PAY for this opportunity for the squad and the chaperones and the parents and the teachers and the coaches and the hangers on etc - My veiwpoint is the Participants & THEIR parents. They are asking (as are Every Sport ) for this community to reach into their pockets again and again to PAY for this? WHY SHOULD WE pay for these albeit talented hardworking kids and their parents and siblings and chaperones and coaches and teachers et al to go to disney? For the prestige? Let me ask you this : WHO won last year or the year before ? What communities are On "the map" and WHAT map are they on and how many non cheer people know about this "map" ? What EDUCATIONAL benefit does this give the community? BTW individualy these cheerleaders would get AS much " college scouting" exposure if their parents paid for them to go to one of the myriad of nationaly recognized highly competetive CHEER camps throughout the country. Stop asking for us to foot the bill for your kid and the entourage.
Lorraine DeVita August 19, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Who exactly is paying for the coaches SALARY when they go compete through the year including the summer and weekends? I am sure the COACH isnt doing this for free and as a school employee i am sure WE are paying for her salary/insurance/travel/ etc even during the summer. Who is chaperoning ? Who is paying for the chaperone costs? Who is paying for the insurance for these kids during the summer and during competitions? Have they WAIVED the need for insurance? Do YOU pay for insurance for non school year activities? WE the taxpayers PAY.. These are costs that are built into the ATHLETIC budget that we dont even know about. As a SCHOOL sanctioned trip We the taxpayers pay for the COACHES salary and OT .. We pay for YOUR kid to have the priviledge to compete YEAR round. Dont you think we have paid enough for your kid to cheerlead? We pay for band camp,pre season football camp etc.....Yet do we pay for ACT /SAT CAMP or READING CAMP or MATH CAMP all the educational support camps that are MUCH NEEDED but NOT funded. NO we DONT. So please STOP trying to say we dont support cheerleading and DO NOT breathe the word education in the same sentence. this has nothing remotely to do with education . Again this is a FEEL good for your kid,on our dime...NOTHING is OWED to ANYONE except the right to an solid education. YET we continue to PAY for all these BOARD sanctioned feel goods and IGNORE the MUCH needed educational NEEDS.
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Seaford resident- Exactly WHEN did the NYS DEPT. of EDUCATION declare/sanction cheering a SPORT because as of last month it WASNT - Also no one is saying these girls dont work hard nor is anyone saying their arent athletes . HOWEVER the fact remains whether you or they like it or not that this is NOT the communities reposnsibilty to FUND. If their parents CANT afford the trip perhaps that should have been defined and discussed BEFORE they submitted their bid to go, This was their GOAL was it not? how exactly did they or their parents expect to get the money to go? You ALL expected the community to fork over the money. YES it is THOUSANDs per kid to send them to DISNEY.didint you realize the COSt to go to diseny was slightly prohibited from the get go. So what have YOu as a parent done to plan to fund your kids GOAL? WHERe exactly did they et al expect or even THINK the money would come from if parents couldnt pay ? SANTA CLAUS? This whole discussion is about WHO SHOULD PAY .. the community or the parents and families. If it is too expensive perhaps they should have thought about that and parents make a decision on whether or not they could afford it and plan accordingly. This didnt occur overnight did it? INCLUDING their own trip to see their kid perform. I am sure parents can afford the cheerleaders portion it would mean however the whole entire family wouldnt be able to go.
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
if you don't want to contribute to the fund raising then you don't have have! i live in seaford and have kids playing sports and i don't contribute to any fund raisers that i don't believe in. and i don't remember anyone asking me about where there should be a pass through at the library parking lot. maybe some of your neighbors didn't have the same opinion as you concerning that. everything doesn't have to go your way!
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
you always have to get the last word, don't you
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Yes i get defensive when people assume that this community is the ATM whenever a kid WANTS something that parents either can not afford or chose not to pay for! which is the clear case here by your own statments. this has nothing to do with athletics, this has ot do with parents EXPECTING this community to foot their bills. Cant afford the trip here are a few suggestions : open your jewlery box and sell a few peices have a garge sale and sell the LV or D&B or Coach handbags Downsize YOUr lifestyle to accomodate your kids wants Dont go out to dinner and place that b i weekly 100 dollar bill in your kids cheer fund stop using the expensive k-cups and take out the old coffemaker dont order take out - COOK! Stop buying dunkin donuts or starbucks and make your own coffee make your kids lunch instead of handing themlunch money stop getting your nails and hair done buy less at xmas you shouldnt have gone on vacation I am sure there are a number of ways just by simply cutting back your own expenses you could afford to send your cheer kid to disney. But yet you ALL dont think like that you expect us to pay while YOU continue with the lifestlye you want. Think again.. make hit up grandma and grand
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Lorraine it must be a huge burden to be the world's foremost expert on every single subject!
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Ok so you thought it was puffery, so now we have to have a million comments on it. If they hadn't approved it, you would all be screaming "how could they let this trip happen without approval" they are damned if they do and damned if they don't, If you don't like the board then vote them out at the next election. Oh yeah, you don't even live in this school district.
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Lorraine, don't forget that is this the board that you wanted.
MAC August 20, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Yeah why don't you move you arrogant bastard! Maybe Nassau CC is all people can afford. Also there is nothing wrong with Nassau CC and I know many successful people who went there.
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Its huge BURDEN on everyone when people expect this community to fund their lifestlye and those of their kids. When and IF i am wrong Mac i am the first to admit it. so far havent had to admit to much now have i? lmao..Its called being EDUCATED something some people might want to take a wee bit more seriously in this community. EDUCATION.. sarcasm only gets you so far Mac, EDUCATION pays the bills and BTW i agree with you regarding NCC it is a fine place to start and has helped MANy students and families afford the cost of higher education. Nothing wrong with SUNY or NCC its what you MAKe of the education you receive , personally know quite a few that went to harvard/princeton/yale that cant hold a candle to some SUNY grads ....
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Not quite the BOARD I ANTICIPATED - so you got me on that one. however having a teachers union pawn on the board would have been more disturbing.especially if the other two didint leave. THAT would have been an unmitigated VERY COSTLY DISASTER.
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 06:11 PM
well mac perhaps if they ASKED you then you would have had the opportunity to submit your opionion ... so am i safe to assume you are a neighbor of mine on Southard? if so stop by.... lets exchange ideas perhaps we can come to a meeting of the minds on a few points .. the doors always open...
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Mac it seems i will have the last word becaseu NONE of these Cheer parents have a logical answer to ANy of these comments except to state over and over their kids worked hard for this which no one is disputing but to state that this their DUE , that this community OWES them this trip is rather presumptuous and rather embarrassing to say the least . no one has answered my questions .. one is WHAT "MAP" is she talking about and whose on the darn map? lol.. can it be googled? lmao... recalitrant pouting is all this is . bottom line all i hear keep hearing from these parents is . i want i want yet i DONT want to pay for it myself.
MAC August 20, 2012 at 07:06 PM
You are still making it sound like people are forcing you to give money to these fund raising activities. If you don't want to contribute (and I don't) then you don't have to. If people want to raise money for their children why should it be a concern to you. Just because they are raising money for sports, it is quite an assumption on your part that they do not care about education. I know many of them and they all vote to approve the budget so that their children can have an education and also some extra activities. As far as education is concerned, I know the value of it. One of my children is going to college on almost a full ride. I also I don't like that arrogant tone of "being EDUCATED" are you inferring that I am not "educated". As to whether you are right or wrong, I don't have time to research everything you say on The Patch (you have an awful lot to say) and I have to work for a living. But it does seem that you know everything about everything. I'm sure you'll have about a hundred responses to this, go ahead and keep posting your comments, the entire town is laughing at you.
Chris Wendt August 20, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Come on, Mac. Lighten up with the personal jabs at Lorraine; unbecoming of you. Besides, you are making it sound as though Lorraine knows as much as, or (gasp) more than I do, and that she is getting more laughs than I am. I don't take any of that lightly. (JK)
MAC August 20, 2012 at 07:16 PM
If they did ask my opinion, I would have said to keep it just as it is. It would be a real pain getting to the Library and to Pathmark if it was closed off. The fact that you wanted it closed off makes it even better. At least they repaired the parking lot, it was dangerous and an embarrassment in its former condition.
Mike August 20, 2012 at 07:53 PM
If cheerleading is not recognized by NYSED as a sport, then why the heck is Levittown and Seaford paying coaching stipends instead of a "club" stipend??
Lorraine DeVita August 20, 2012 at 09:08 PM
You Might want to ask the BOARD and Sup Conboy about that one MAC but as of last month CHEER was not and IS not recgonized as a SPORT and Is considered by the NYSED to ONLY BE an Activity. There should be NO line item in the bloated athletics budget , there should be NO coaching stipend which is higher then an advisor stipend. This question was raised SEVERAL times on several different occassions the answers are always the same - Thats the way THEY (the BOARD CONBOY and the UTS ) want it. So WE PAY MORE in our taxes. If you inferred that i was assuming or referencing the uneducated comment to you then pls accept my appoligies if it sounded that way i wasnt. and that wasnt my intent I was pointing my finger DIRECTLY at the vocal group of parents who are MORE concerned and take swift action for things OTHER then EDUCATION in this community Heres what i hope to accomplish with my "laughable" comments " to give each student an affordbale GREAT education so they can be successful ,affording them the opportunity though education to reach and exceed their potential " something MAC they ARENT getting right now. THATs my whole reason for being the "laughing stock" as you call it.. FIGHT be vocal for the education these kids deserve! What pisses me off is that they would rather fight for SPORTS then education. THAT is IMHO uneducated or perhaps FUBAR is a better tem.
Lorraine DeVita August 21, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Atleast i have people thinking and talking and yes possibly laughing ! WHAT they are thinking or saying maybe something else but atleast they are.perhaps opening their eyes.. More importantly MAC, My sincere Congrats to you and your kid for that scholarship, that is a great accomplishment and you should be very proud of their acheivement. talent and hard work!


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