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St. William the Abbot Students Enact Stations of the Cross

Seventh graders perform Easter tradition during Seaford school’s annual Lenten Retreat Day.

On March 30, the seventh grade students of in Seaford enacted the Stations of the Cross for their fellow students during the school’s annual Lenten Retreat Day. Later that evening they presented the Stations for the entire parish.

The Stations of the Cross represent different events associated with the last hours of Christ's time on earth. While the stations may be done at anytime, they are most usually observed during Lent, and especially on Good Friday.

Using the power of spoken word and inspiring music, the listeners journeyed with Jesus from His agony in the Garden to His walk towards Calvary. Students took turns narrating the 14 Stations of the Cross. Reflections after each station gave the listeners an opportunity to think about ways they could be better Christians and to see Christ in all people.

Students acted in various roles to depict the events that were being narrated. Many students took on roles such as Christ, The Blessed Mother, Pontius Pilate,Barabbas, Veronica, prisoners, and soldiers. 

The student’s participation in the Stations of the Cross exposed them to the richtraditions of the Catholic Church. The visual images also enabled them to deepen their faith. 


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