Two Women Tapped as Interim Seaford School Board Trustees

Jeanmarie Wink and Annalisa Siracusa Antonette appointed to replace trustees Michael Sapraicone and John DelGuidice.

The Seaford Board of Education will have two fresh faces at its next meeting in two weeks after two longtime community resident were appointed Thursday night as interim trustees.

Jeanmarie Wink and Annalisa Siracusa Antonette were selected to replace trustees Michael Sapraicone and John DelGuidice, who both resigned their positions. DelGuidice at the July 7 reorganization meeting and Sapraicone on Sept. 16 effective at the end of business on Oct. 6.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to the future of our children,” said Antonette, who works in the consumer products industry and has three sons in the Seaford School District.

Wink, who has had children graduate from the Seaford School District, is a veteran education leader. She is currently principal at in the Levittown School District.

Both Wink and Antonette are scheduled to be sworn in as trustees prior to the school board’s next scheduled workshop meeting on Oct. 19. The appointees will serve as Seaford trustees until the spring and both face an election in May for a regular term if they choose to run.

The Oct. 6 meeting at was the last one for Sapraicone, who was first elected to the Seaford school board in 2006 and resigned due to personal reasons because of a heavier travel schedule he has been faced with recently. Sapraicone, a former detective with the New York City Police Department, is the founder and owner of Squad Security Inc. and Squad Security Ltd worldwide companies, which has offices in Manhattan and London.

“Seaford is always close to my heart,” said Sapraicone, who served as Seaford Board of Education president from 2008-2010. “I’m going to miss everyone here.”

“He always supports this district,” said Seaford Board of Education vice president Richard DiBlasio. “Mike always has good intentions.”

Seaford Board of Education president Brian Fagan remarked on how he and Sapraicone knew each other living in Rosedale, Queens before both moving to Seaford in the early 90’s. 

“Mike is a hard worker, he is tenacious, he is passionate about what does for the community,” said Fagan, who presented Sapraicone a certificate for his five years serving on the board. “I’d like to thank you for your contributions.”

Lorraine DeVita October 24, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Katie< I am sure that these women are very capable and will make the best choices and decisions for the community at large and the students.. hopefuly together they bring a combined wealth of knowledge and experience and some good ol female common sense to the table.. Chris, If nothing else I am a stickler fro process- it is a
Lorraine DeVita October 24, 2011 at 04:08 PM
oops sorry -- Chris, If nothing else I am a stickler for Process, without a defined logical transparent process in place things tend to go south. Clarity and transparency, thoughtful but swift and concise action coupled with a Sense of urgency are traits i hope the new board members instill in the board. Comptemplating ones navel needs to be reserved for retirement and the senior citizens rest home.. We waste so much time TOO much time at board meetings and in the decision making process (if there is one) Red bull /Geritol and perhaps a good laxative needs to made available.. you know the old saying s or get off the pot? they need to stop sitting , stop wasting time and stop avoiding issues that need to be addressed NOW.
Wayne Smith October 24, 2011 at 04:24 PM
It is good that the process is over. But whatever that process was, it played out almost entirely within a black box, largely beyond public scrutiny or comment, and that's not good. By all appearances, the two individuals chosen are qualified but their perspectives on the key issues facing the school district, not to mention the taxpayers of Seaford, are largely unknown. I find that to be inappropriate.
Lorraine DeVita October 24, 2011 at 05:51 PM
Wyne, I know you stated you werent throwing your hat in the ring due to a new business venture. However I DO hope that by the spring the business will be fairly well established and off to a roaring profitable start so you can run for the Board. We need sensible individuals like yourself .... I also agree the whole process or lack therefore was totaly inappropriate and unacceptable...
Wayne Smith October 24, 2011 at 05:59 PM
Lorriane - Thank you for compliment - I'm flattered. Truthfully I don't consider myself any more or less sensible than most people in Seaford. I may perhaps have a bigger mouth....


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