VIDEO: Two Intel Semifinalists from Wantagh Explain Winning Projects

MacArthur High School seniors Melissa Slyper and Jacklyn Sullivan find out Wednesday if they are finalists in prestigious research competition.

seniors and Wantagh residents Melissa Slyper and Jacklyn Sullivan will find out Wednesday whether or not they are finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search competition. 

Last week, Patch sat down with the to give them a chance to explain their projects. Slyper's project was entitled "An Analysis of Social Networking Among Adolescents: Gender Differences, Sexting, and Narcissism." Sullivan's project was entitled "The Social Cost of School Restructuring: The Impact of Middle School Reform on Young Adolescent Girls’ Body Image."

Sullivan is the third of her siblings to be named an Intel semifinalist. Her sister, Christine, was named a semifinalist in 2006 and brother Michael achieved the honor in 2009.

Lorraine DeVita February 01, 2012 at 05:11 AM
SS teacher, Seaford has a LOOOONG history of accepting mediocre, on many academic levels. Most of it is driven by apathy or the fact that if it doesnt affect THEIR child academicaly they arent going to get involved or voice a concern or suggestion. Those that DO get frowned upon. We have a Jock driven mentality ruling the kingdom on mnay levels . Like i stated before Many times, education takes a back seat here, quality education, it is historicaly subjugated to the whims of the boards and administration. Taking the quality of teaching aside , if Seaford wants to establish a higher quality academic reputation we need to direct funding CURRENT AVAILABLE funding towards building a strong progressive challenging educational game plan with goals and milestones so perhaps in the next 10 years Seaford is known as a leader in academics. sadly we can not say that now. Adequate yes, mediocre certainly but not a leader .. Its a mindset - Seaford wants RAH RAH on the field of dreams lit up at nite .. we are envied for our football field not our educational programs. Priorities are skewed and kids are getting screwed out of the best we can give them in the classroom for a myriad of reasons. Faliure of a budget is the least of them....
Lorraine DeVita February 01, 2012 at 05:24 AM
Congrats ot the semi finalists, your hard work,combined with the support of your teachers, mentors,school district and your parents have helped you accomplished something that not many can or even try to . You are WINNERS in every sense of the word.
Chris Wendt February 01, 2012 at 10:40 AM
I have very recently (this very morning already) been informed that Wantagh does have a thriving science research program. I intend to educate myself more about it in the coming days. Perhaps Seaford is in a similar situation? Certainly, being designated a national Intel semifinalist is a very big deal. But having participated in real ("high-caliber") science research as a high school student is a winning endeavor for all concerned. There are no "losers", which is something that scientific research really teaches you well, especially when your hypothesis is "busted".
Tim Brandt February 03, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I just learned that the work of the 2 Levittown students was done in class! Not a lab!!Not a University.. Infact it has been the same teacher running research there for a few years and all of his INTEL semis were done in the school and not a university or lab. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Congrats to the girls. Maybe we need a new research "teacher"?
Generals Fan February 04, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Everyone is always so quick to criticize sports programs. Academics is most definitely important, but so are sports.Team sports teach children very valuable lessons which are just as important in life. Not every student can be an Intel finalist just like not every student will be a star athlete. Both are important in that child's growth. We at MacArthur are very proud of both girls, we have known Melissa since her Lee Road days and she is a wonderful girl. We are also very proud of those athletes who go out there and give 100% for their respective teams. Many of these athletes are honor students as well. Sports and team spirit have helped to make them the terrific kids they are today. Please do not marginalize the important role athletics play in a students overall school career, as well as helping them deal with whatever life throws at them.


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