Wantagh and Seaford Districts Pass the Test on State Report Cards

Both districts listed in good standing on annual report.

Students in the Wantagh and Seaford school districts outperformed state averages on most subject assessments, according to district report cards that were recently released by the New York State Department of Education.

Both the Wantagh School District and the Seaford School District are described to be in “good standing” in terms of English language arts, mathematics, science and graduation rate, according to the report.

Science was particularly successful in both districts with 100 percent of Seaford fourth graders and 97 percent of Wantagh fourth graders meeting or exceeding standards on the state exams, according to the report. The state average of fourth graders meeting or exceeding standards on the science assessments was 88 percent.

There were some declines in the percentage of students meeting state standards on the math and English Language Arts exams due to some changes the State Regents implemented in how exams are scored. With the scoring changes, which were implemented two months after the tests were taken, students are required to answer several more questions correctly to receive a Level 3 score, which is considered a state benchmark to identify students who are meeting learning standards.

Both districts excelled in students graduating and attending college. At 98 percent of students received a regents diploma with 97 percent attending college. At  94 percent of students received a regent’s diploma and 94 percent attended college, according to the report.

"Although we realize that the results of the New York State Report Card are just one measure of student achievement, it is clear that our students are performing at some of the highest percentages in the county,” said Wantagh Superintendent Dr. Lydia Begley in a statement. “Our students are applying to and are being accepted into some of the most distinguished colleges in the nation. This is a testament to the support of our parents and their dedication to providing a quality education to their children."

Percentage of students performing meeting standards in English language arts:

Grades Wantagh
State Average 3 77 53 55 4 85 75 57 5 72 63 52 6 83 81 54 7 71 71 50 8 79 68 51 Secondary 100 88


Percentage of students performing meeting standards in mathematics:

Grades Wantagh
Seaford State Average 3 80 65 59 4 82 81 64 5 87 84 65 6 87 81 61 7 87 79 62 8 83 78 55 Secondary 99 90



Lorraine DeVita March 04, 2011 at 12:51 PM
Congrats. Seaford Teachers ! Your Students while scoring higher then the state average, scored consistantly LOWER then Wantagh, Massapequa. and a few other neighboring districts. Scores have Declined over the previous year across the Board save for two Middle School Grades . (congrats to them) 47% of our 3rd graders FAILED the exams, while Special Education did not even pass!(BIG RED X ON THAT LINE ITEM) Seaford students are NOT less intelligent, are NOT less capable,and our Special Education students deserve better! ! Seaford Students are being Failed , by the community , by the Board, by the Administrators , but most importantly By the Teachers! Seaford Students DESERVE better! When are we as a community, as parents, as taxpayers going to Wake UP and Stand UP for the Students and DEMAND better! Lorraine J. DeVita
Long Islander March 05, 2011 at 08:11 PM
Calm down lady. With "94 percent of students receiving a regent’s diploma and 94 percent attending college", I think the teachers are doing an OUTSTANDING job.
Captain Kirk March 05, 2011 at 10:20 PM
Do you think that maybe the standard set by the board of regents, which seems to be consistenly lowered, makes our in state test results look good and such a high percentage of kids recieve a regents diploma yet New York State, which spends in the top ten percent in the country on education ranks in the bottom 10 percent in the nation? Funy but many regents diploma holders that choose to go to Nassua Community College fail the basic remedial tests in math and English before they enter the college and must take a "refesher" course!
Lorraine DeVita March 07, 2011 at 02:04 PM
I for one am not satisfied, and do not accept that 47% of 3rd graders failing the Basics is OUTSTANDING.. . What is outstanding about Seaford students scoring lower then all the neighboring districts? What is outstanding about Seaford students consistently scoring LOWER EACH year ACROSS THE BOARD in core competencies? The basics, the foundation blocks that their continued education is built on ! Do you NOT realize that the decline in these scores will eventually catch up to and effect That 94% grad rate and college rate that you so proudly refer to? (which by the way is not accurate) . I do not even find these results ACCEPTABLE! A 47% Failure rate is NOT something to be proud of! Seaford students are smart bright capable individuals who deserve better. So again I ask you.. are the Students of Seaford LESS capable LESS intelligent then those in neighboring districts? ljd


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