Wantagh School Board to Appoint New Superintendent Wednesday Night

Philip D. D’Angelo to be tapped to position as district's leader.

The Wantagh Board of Education is scheduled to appoint the district's new superintendent at its Wednesday night meeting.

The agenda for tonight's meeting posted on the district's website has a resolution to appoint Philip D. D’Angelo. Jr. to the superintendent position effective July 1 at a salary of $227,000. D'Angelo is currently superintendent for the Skaneateles Central School District in upstate New York. Wantagh Board of Education president William Russack said district officials will release a statement with background about the superintendent hire once the appointment is official. 

Russack said following the school board meeting, which also features a budget hearing, the public is invitved to a meet and greet with D’Angelo. Former Wantagh superintendent Dr. Carl Bonuso in an interim role on Feb. 29 following the of Dr. Richard Marsh. Marsh had been  as Wantagh’s interim superintendent last September following the resignation of superintend Dr. Lydia Begley, who to took a  at Nassau BOCES. 

The Wantagh Board of Education worked with executive search firm School Leadership, LLC to  for a permanent new superintendent. The firm held a  with Wantagh residents and met with various stakeholders in the district on Jan. 18.

Wednesday night's Board of Education meeting is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. in the Auditorium. 

Chris Wendt May 02, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Looks like a WINNER! Finding, and hiring the Superintendent of Schools is the most important duty and responsibility of the members of the Board of Education. The most important qualification, for both the new Superintendent and for each member of the Board is leadership on the part of the Superintendent, and implying follow-ship on the part of the Board. The Superintendent is the permanent, full-time professional educational leader of the School District. It is his responsibility to hold forth the vision for the district's present and future, and to run the schools according to that vision. It is the Board's job to establish the policy and provide the budget under which the Superintendent's vision will be fulfilled. Critical to the success of all of this, is the Board finding a leader which they can trust to follow his leadership, and to respect that critical line between policy making (the board's role) and running the district (the Superintendent's job). School Superintendents all get paid good money, and this is no exception. It is usually money well-spent. Wantagh's students and their parents, and all of Wantagh's taxpayers deserve to get our money's worth from our new Superintendent. That success will certainly happen if each member of the board fully embraces the key concept of the Superintendent as the professional educational leader and keeper of the 'vision' for our schools.


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