Wantagh Foundation Holds Charity Event for Paralyzed Surfers in Long Beach

Wheels 2 Water Long Island event hosted by Testaverde Fund for Spinal Chord Injury.

The Wantagh-based Testaverde Fund for Spinal Chord Injury held a charity event for paralyzed surfers in Long Beach earlier this month.

The Wheels 2 Water Long Island event surfing event at National Boulevard on the Long Beach shore gave those who have suffered spinal chord injuries a chance to ride the waves with the help of experienced surfers. The City of Long Beach supplied lifeguards to assist with the event.

Wheels 2 Water Long Island also has an event for paralyzed surfers scheduled for Sept. 23 in Lido Beach. Wheels 2 Water is a non-profit organization whose mission is "to share the ocean experience through adaptive surfing and scuba diving for everyone with a spinal cord injury or wheelchair bound." 

The Testaverde Fund for Spinal Chord Injury  nearly a decade to providing community outreach and educational support to families while also fundraising for research. The organization is named for Joe Testaverde, who suffered a tragic swimming accident that left him paralyzed in his legs and hands just before his senior year at . His cousin is former National Football League quarterback Vinny Testaverde. 

For further information on the Testaverde Fund for Spinal Chord Injury, log onto the foundation's website


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